Migrant crisis means Remain is the risky option

In CityAm today Matthew Sinclair points out that although Cameron did the right thing after Merkel triggered the migrant crisis, there is a massive down side for Remain.migrantsEuropean leaders are now desperately trying to reverse course and adopt the kind of approach Cameron was castigated for. It will be much more difficult now. They are relying on a deal with Turkey which rewards its government with cash and other concessions. The deal could require European border forces (or maybe militaries) to undertake the ugly task of evicting large numbers of refugees who thought they had made it to the promised land.

Cameron has been vindicated for his stance over migrants at that time, but he has destroyed his claim that Remain will maintain the status quo. Staying in the EU means a far bigger amount of EU integration and now EU Law supercedes British Law. We would be helpless whatever they impose on us, with democracy gone.

CityAm concludes: It would be quite reasonable to instead conclude that we are going to be increasingly uncomfortable with the changes made to address the Schengen and Eurozone crises, which we have been fortunate enough to avoid. We might be better off leaving and providing what help we can from outside.

Update:  The Daily Telegraph reports that the Government has concealed the true scale of immigration.  It is believed to be twice what the Government are pretending it is. The figure might be 2.25 million.

4 responses to “Migrant crisis means Remain is the risky option

  1. ‘…and now EU Law supercedes British Law’.

    ‘Now’ in this instance means ‘since the day we joined the EEC in 1972’. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supremacy_(European_Union_law)#United_Kingdom

    • Of course. We were lied to by our leaders, Nobody realised. The plan was for a EU Superstate all along. Nobody except Ted Heath read the Treaty of Rome.

      But now we do realise that over 50% of our laws have been made by the EU, they are not the future.

      We want out, it has gone far too far, and out we will go. Cameron has no conviction. After his lies over the “good deal for Britain” nobody believes anything he says.
      ps. So your point is?

  2. Over 50% of our laws? See Error #9 on this impressive list: http://www.strongerin.co.uk/boris_johnson_speech_one_basic_error_every_80_seconds#PJEYqkk6qklqa1ZU.97

    Truly, Boris is losing it – which is a shame, as I was really impressed with him before.

  3. Steve. You believe @Strongerin? Read this.

    Telegraph agrees with Boris Johnson. REMAIN panicking, oh dear.

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