Barnstorming Boris battles for Britain and Brexit (Leave) in Dartford

In Dartford today, a fired up Boris explains some of the disasters for Britain of being in the EU club.  He said: “The price is too high, it’s an anachronism.  This model of integration, trying to make a single country out of many,  doesn’t work. We have the courage to leave!

It is because we stayed out of the euro that we have one of the most successful economies in Europe.

We can trade with the US, India, China, other growth economies. (Here the Mayor gave lots of examples.)

I implore you all  to listen to this inspiring speech in full.  Boris urges us to  “hold our nerve!”  Remain cannot predict the future, because with EU law superior to British Law, we are not free, the EU is controlling our destiny.  It is a hell of a lot easier to predict a future you are totally in control of.

A hilarious, witty, heartfelt speech,  that showed why Boris is heart and soul for Brexit. and we should be too.   Brexit means British exit. (lots of people ask me what it is. )

The PM doesn’t have the guts for Brexit says Boris Johnson in the Mail on Saturday.  It’s true.  Always the easy option.

One response to “Barnstorming Boris battles for Britain and Brexit (Leave) in Dartford

  1. The Telegraph backs Boris Johnson that up to 50% of our laws now come from the EU, they are churning them out daily.

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