Why Boris could not possibly have authorised Lister e-mail

Anyone who knows Boris Johnson, even slightly, knows how passionate he is about democracy and free speech.  The education he has had (a Kings Scholar at Eton and Classics at Balliol) made belief in democracy and free speech his core beliefs. .  He wrote a book about brutish Rome, even called it  A Dream of Rome, but his real love is Ancient Greece,the home and originator of democracy.borisgreek

If you campaign in an election for Boris, don’t be surprised when the lies, smears and insults of his enemies appear on his timeline on a daily basis.  It’s hard not to  rage and despair!  Why is he printing such horrible lies about himself!  Why give house room to the most disgusting accusations,  the most untrue slurs….  he  aims for balance and fairness. 

That is why I know for sure the e-mail from Sir Eddie Lister was not sanctioned by Boris and was de-activated as soon as he read it.  Ask whoever handles his timeline.  They are under orders not to omit the most vicious lies.  Free speech and democracy are his unshakeable core beliefs, you can count on it.

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