LEAVE and REMAIN are neck and neck with YouGov

YouGov latest graph shows there is hardly anything in it, a measly three points!  At one state in February, LEAVE was way on top!  Then a dip, but now LEAVE is once again breathing down the neck of Project Fear.EUrefgraph

The placid souls who always opt for the status quo have realised with a sickening shock, that ship has sailed!

As Boris Johnson clearly explained this morning in the Daily Telegraph, if we REMAIN, we cannot predict a future that is no longer in our own hands.

And the death of democracy would wreck Britain.  Our democracy for centuries has been the envy of the world.  Without that, we would be nothing.

2 responses to “LEAVE and REMAIN are neck and neck with YouGov

  1. I wonder who will be proved right, you or the bookies: http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/eu-referendum/referendum-on-eu-membership-result

    The odds offered imply a less-than-30% chance of a Leave vote.

    • This is one contest Osbo/PM are going to lose. Bookies tend to be very conservative until nearer the time.

      This one is LEAVE. Not a scrap of doubt in my mind, Britain will not sacrifice democracy..

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