Graphs linked to Government stats. show what a disaster EU trade has become

A clear set of graphs provided by John Sydenham show what a disaster the EU is getting to be for us.  Links to the graphs are here.graphEUThe link records that in 2014 the total exports to the EU were: £226,687 million and Exports to Non-EU were £281,036 million.  The EU exported goods and services worth £288,265 million to the UK in 2014 which was £61,578 more than the UK exported to the EU.

The trend has continued and the Latest available figures, year to Sept 2015  were £223,772m to EU and  £292,731m to Non-EU, the exports to the EU being only 43% of the total.

Where is trade growing?  Click on ONS Exports to non-EU countries overtake exports to the EU for the first time to see the source of this graph:

The balance of payments with the EU and the non-EU is shown below.graphEU2

The current account deficit of over £100 billion or so a year is a truly amazing sum.  The consequences of this deficit are explored in The Imbalance of UK-EU Trade and its Consequences.

Other revealing graphs are on the link, right at the top.

3 responses to “Graphs linked to Government stats. show what a disaster EU trade has become

  1. Amazing that, 240 years after Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, the mercantilist fallacy (that exports are good and imports bad) is alive and well in some quarters.

    • Great graphs, good to have it clearly laid out like this. It doesn’t say imports are bad that I can see.

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