Ordinary people losing their rights through the EU and it suits Dave and George down to the ground.

David Cameron and George Osborne are desperate for Britain to stay in Europe, even though our rights as citizens are disappearing fast.  The truth is, if ordinary working people lost all say in calling the Government to account, it would suit Osbo and Dave down to the ground.davegeorgecorbynEU law is now more important than British Law.  Worse, Cameron has agreed a clause that says Britain can never raise a complaint against the EU again. British democracy, the envy of the world is disappearing fast. Oddly, Dave and Osbo don’t give a damn.

The answer lies in the contempt they have for the workers. Look how Osbo and the PM treat the ordinary people, even though they won the election on a pledge to protect the working man.

They are deliberately destroying the black cab trade.  To help Uber, Osbo has let minicabs off safety regulations.  According to LBC, this has resulted in an 80% increase in rapes and assaults. Instead of concern, Osbo’s reaction was “Keep these figures from the public, they might stop people using minicabs”

In spite of their election pledge, Osbo’s first reaction was to try to cut tax credits.  Cameron said he was proud of this decision.

Cameron told his MPs Ignore the opinion of activists.suffragettesIn the EU debate, Cameron treated the serious concerns of his MPs over the EU with arrogant disdain. As MPs rose to question him, white with shock, Cameron either brushed off their questions or outright lied.

When Boris Johnson chose to fight for  democracy instead of taking a top Cabinet job, Cameron viciously lashed out, unable to allow his authority had been defied. He also attacked Gove and launched a campaign of bullying and smears.

These are not the actions of men who believe in the rights of other people. These are the actions of dictators.

EU law now is more important than British law. The rights of citizens are slipping away.  Democracy is going backwards.

Why did the Suffragettes fight for their rights?  Die for their rights? To be equal to men, to have the vote!

Why did civil rights activists die for equality and the right to vote at Gettysburg? for equal rights, their vote and the right to call the people making the laws to account.

If Osbo and the PM have their way,  you will lose what has taken centuries to fight for. British Law is less than EU Law now. We are ruled by people we don’t know, whom we did not vote for, whom we cannot get rid of.

The power of ordinary people is being taken away.   Unless we stand up and fight for it, we might as well not have fought for freedom in the last two World Wars.

Luckily, this time, we don’t have to fight with guns and bombs.  All we have to do is vote LEAVE.



8 responses to “Ordinary people losing their rights through the EU and it suits Dave and George down to the ground.

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  2. OFFENSIVE. Removed by Editor.

  3. ‘Cameron has agreed a clause that says Britain can never raise a complaint against the EU again.’

    What clause is that, please?

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