Osbo allows Uber to escape safety checks: the increase in rapes and assaults is being witheld from the public

A TfL campaign instigated by the mother of Suzy Lamplugh to put in place safety checks regarding unlicensed mini cabs has suddenly been kicked into the long grass.  This covered minicabs illegally touting for trade. Concidentally,  Osbo and the PM are now in charge of anything to do with Uber and PHVs.  They have removed the issue from Boris Johnson by invoking the Secretary of State as is their right.uber15

Even worse, I am informed by @TootlestheTaxi that the figures giving the rise in rapes and assaults on women are being withheld from the public.

Mark White @TootlestheTaxi
@angelneptustar @TfL @David_Cameron @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson At last meeting they told us not to publicise figures……

Mark White @TootlestheTaxi
@angelneptustar @TfL @David_Cameron @MayorofLondon @BorisJohnson

…..as the public might shun PH.

Mark White tells me that BC drivers have frequently tried to obtain the figures, through the Freedom of Information Act, but so far the information has been witheld.  This situation must be of deep concern to every woman who takes the risk of using PH vehicles.

Update:  Shocking article reveals that minicab assaults and rapes are going through the roof.  Taxileaks says:  “Reports are coming in from drivers who have done freedom of information requests asking for the amount of serious sexual assaults (including rapes) on customers by Private Hire drivers over the year 2014-15.

We are being informed that the results of such searches carry a caveat that these statistics must not be publish, because they could put people off using private hire.”

Although the article gives figures published on twitter, there is no evidence these are accurate. My feeling is that the rapes and assaults are far far higher.

Update: I received the link here from @TfLTPH.

Update: Well done LBC!  This is how easy it is to become an illegal Uber driver.

Update:  A child has died, killed by a totally incompetent Uber driver in San Francisco

7 responses to “Osbo allows Uber to escape safety checks: the increase in rapes and assaults is being witheld from the public

  1. Osborne desperate to get his mitts on every penny he can, but letting women get raped is beyond the pail.

  2. Lenny Etheridge

    A brilliant piece, Angela.
    For too long we have been blaming the monkey (TfL).
    When in fact we should be focusing on the organ grinder (Cameron/Osborne).

    • Thank you! We all know how young kids like to get legless. Why are they not warned about the risks of PHVs?

      As you say, Cameron and Osborne are responsible, NOT Boris.

  3. Christine Skinner

    Boris bears some responsibility. It’s his job to ensure the safety of people using private hire vehicles and to fight the government, if necessary, in parliament. He just rolls over, leaving tens of thousands of Londoners at risk.

    • NO. Boris bears zero responsbility. It ISN’T his job. His job description says that if he is handling an issue in a way the Government disagrees with, they have the right through the Secretary of State, to take that issue away from him. Tony Blair idid it all the time with Livingstone, The Gov.has only done it once.

      Instead of stupidly and rudely mouthing off I suggest you read this.


      After constant rows with Boris, who backs black cabs, George Osborne DID invoke the Secretary of State to say that the Government had decided it was wrong to cap PHVs. OSbo comandeered the issue, and let Uber off safety regs.

      The Government has the legal right to do this, Boris does not have the power to “fight the government” as you ignoranatly remark. Consitutionally the Government are entirely within the law.

      For months Osbo has been in charge of TfL over Uber and all PHVs. Sadiq Khan’s claim that he will cap PHVs etc. etc. a load of cobblers, legally he cannot.

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