PM and Osbo know that letting Uber avoid safety checks means more rapes, but do nothing

If anyone is in two minds about whether Osbo (and also the PM ) have any care for the people of this country, they should pause and consider what is happening to the black cab trade. daveosboA black cab driver asked me recently: ” We have served London since the sixteenth century. What possible reason can Osbo and the PM have for selling us out in favour of a US multinational,  that pays no tax?”

Why indeed?  To add to the deep upset of all black cab drivers,  the effort to make Uber supreme is being achieved through cheating and duplicity.  The so called much vaunted “cheap” Uber fare is not cheap at all.  It is only cheap because they are allowed to avoid all regulations and ill treat and underpay their drivers. And in the media, they buy off criticism, while the government tries its best to dump the blame on Boris

Worse, avoiding regulations endangers the public. Safety regulations, medical checks, even insurance, are being disregarded.  The contempt shown for the customer is undeniable.  Rapes and assaults on women are up, although the figures are being kept from the public.  George  and Dave are untouched by this and that it is deeply hurtful, not only to black cab drivers, but to the British people.

This is a sad sad situation. The  PM has a duty to protect the people of this country. Forget it!  The image of David Cameron as a kind and caring family man?  Forget that too! The other day the Chancellor pontificated “It is my job to protect jobs and living standards”.  Tell that to the black cab trade,  George.

PS. Black cabs are giving George the finger.  They are not as easy to remove as he obviously expected,

3 responses to “PM and Osbo know that letting Uber avoid safety checks means more rapes, but do nothing

  1. Sadiq Khan has also promised to freeze fares, undoable. Osbo is handling issue of PH vehicles, he is pals with Uber, Khan can do nothing. Sec. of State can override the existing Mayor on this issue. He did in Boris’s case, so will in Khan’s case, it is bullshit.

    Khan won’t be Mayor anyway.Don’t you know that it is in job description of any Mayor that Gov. can override them? The only time Gov. has done this re. Boris is re. Uber.

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