Why MPs have been forced to campaign for Brexit.

Many people on twitter are confused as to what the real issues are regarding the EU Referendum.  I print below the tweets I sent explaining the central issue. borisgoveMY TWEETS EXPLAINING BREXIT

This is World War 3, fought without guns.
Really it’s very simple. This is about our freedom and Democracy. That is the core issue.

It is undeniable that British law has been OVERRULED by EU law. So we are no longer free. There is no right of appeal.   There is another link confirming this here.

We are slaves of the EU. PM has signed clause we can never complain again. So no more democracy. All gone.

Either that matters to you or it does not. It matters to me so much wud fight to the death to preserve it.

This is World War 3!  Fought without guns.Without bombs. On twitter & social media. But for same reason as World Wars 1 and 2! Our freedom and democracy at stake here!!

This is the reason brave MPs forced to campaign for Brexit! This is the ONLY reason they are FORCED to vote LEAVE, because we will no longer be free if they do not.

One response to “Why MPs have been forced to campaign for Brexit.

  1. If price of REMAIN is loss of our freedom, we have to leave.

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