The PM made a huge mistake going toe to toe with Bojo, says Andy Coulson

A lively article by Andy Coulson in the Daily Telegraph points out that David Cameron has made a major error going toe to toe with Boris Johnson. At Eton, Boris was one of 70 Kings Scholars, the elite,   Cameron was a more ordinary Oppidans (one of 1,100).

Boris was Captain in the Wall Game

Boris was Captain in the Wall Game

In spite of his unsubtle swipes at Boris, even Coulson admits Boris effortlessly outshines Cameron in every  area. Where other politicians are tolerated, often despised, Boris is loved and trusted.

Coulson says:  “Boris can’t be ignored by the PM, of course. He is popular and can generate more coverage than any politician other than, irritatingly, the man he seeks to oust. But No10 have mistaken popularity for persuasiveness. And the ability to persuade is what will, in the end, be tested on June 23. ”  But is in the last sentence that Coulson  makes his greatest error.

The Tories were faltering in GE15,  and Cameron was under fire for lack lustre leadership.  Lynton Crosby decided there was only one way to turn the tide.  Boris was parachuted in to visit all the marginals, and so persuasive and convincing was he, the Lib Dems never knew what hit them.  Once again, he had to bail out the PM.davidviciousDavid Cameron clearly doesn’t realise that his major asset – the appearance of being a nice guy – has been shattered.  In the EU debate, the vicious look on his face, the arrogant way he dismissed the genuine concerns of his white faced MPs, and the torrent of lies that spouted from his lips has damaged his reputation forever.

He clearly realises though that to present the REMAIN case in a convincing way he will have to misrepresent the facts, as he did in the House.  If doing that for four days has turned him iinto a nervous wreck, how on earth is he going to keep it up for four months?  Possibly this is why Couulson suggests he leaves the campaigning to other people.

At Eton, Boris was Captain of  the Wall Game, for three years in a row.  The popular chant from spectators was “Hey, Hey, ABJ!  How many Oppidans did you kill today?”

A poll in the London Standard reveals only 22% of voters believe the EU will not  shred Cameron’s “reforms”!

Few voters think Mr Cameron’s reforms will succeed in meeting his key objectives of reducing immigration, protecting the City of London, cutting red tape on business or restoring more sovereignty to the British Parliament.

2 responses to “The PM made a huge mistake going toe to toe with Bojo, says Andy Coulson

  1. Cameron and George are insanely jealous of Boris, have tried to make his life hell, they had this coming.

  2. Coulson says the vote will be decided by who is more persuasive, Boris or the PM. He then immediately suggests the PM stays out of the negotiations.

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