Why the PM’s arguments for REMAIN don’t stack up

The Prime Minister is trying to convince Britain that REMAIN is the best and the safest choice.  It’s pretty obvious to anyone who bothers to think about these things that his arguments don’t stack up. Here’s why.cameronlyingThe PM says he can tell us what our future looks like if we REMAIN, but the future for LEAVE is “a leap in the dark!”

UNTRUE because EU Charter overrides British law.  The PM’s EU deal contains a clause (that he agreed), that we can never complain again.  We  have no control over our borders and have no idea what the EU will decide for us. How can we predict a future that is not within our control?  We cannot bank on guarantees that we will be saved from ever closer union for example.  The PM did not tell the truth about this in the EU debate. The EU deal could be overturned by the EU Court of Justice!  In REMAIN, without control, we face a terrifyingly uncertain future.

The PM says he has no agenda, only what is right for Britain.

UNTRUE.  The PM’s record shows he is reluctant to fight for Britain,  preferring inactivity to action.   Why do anything at all, when you can knock off work at 4 pm, like he did during the Coalition? Then, the economic situation was dire, but he preferred inaction, bowing to the veto on all Tory policies he unwisely granted Nick Clegg. Finally, the last thing the PM wants is to be kicked out of No. 10 now,  instead of staying until 2020.

The Coalition’s first action in a time of crisis was to announce they intended to pick their kids up from school every day.  What has been the result?  Government borrowing sky rocketed.  Terror threats and the dangers of radicalisation were ignored, as measures to deal with the problem gathered dust in a cupboard, vetoed by Cleggers.

In the 2008 election, the PM was conspicuous for his laid back attitude. His rallying cry was “It’s our turn now”, hardly a vote winner.  As a result, he narrowly squeaked a draw, and the living death of Coalition descended on us like smog.

Anyone who cared for Britain would have formed a minority government and fought like hell in another election six months later, but this of course would have involved huge effort.

The PM insists that REMAIN is the safe, the secure option and claims that voters  always opt for security.

But his record shows we cannot trust the things he tells us. What security is there in not knowing the true facts? The foundation of the Tories’ 2012 election fight was that they were fighting for and would protect the working man.  This was immediately proved untrue when they found they had a majority.  To the horror of 80% of voting Tories, Osbo decided on tax credit cuts. He also attacked truly the most vulnerable, the disabled.

Even worse,  in thrall to multinationals, Osbo is deliberately destroying the black cab trade.  This goes again everything the Tories campaigned for.

What security will REMAIN provide for the most vulnerable and the working poor, under this Prime Minister and Chancellor?

There are rumours that all along the PM has planned an alliance over the EU with the Blairites, but he has not been open over this concern.  There are also concerns in the City that the PM does not intend to protect the Square Mile against attack from other EU countries. Only 36 companies backed REMAIN, instead of the promised 80 this week, after the dreadful EU deal.

The PM argues this is a one time only chance for a Referendum, if we leave that’s it!  But Ireland voted No, was made to hold another Referendum and vote again1  How come?  Fibbing again…….

The best way to be safe is to make sure you are always in control of your own destiny. Our  freedoms are being taken away from us.  That’s when you have to fight for your rights.  It is certainly true that the PM would always opt for his own security, he is at his happiest on a cosy sofa with a box set and a packet of Pringles.  Whether that translates into safety for Britain is highly debatable.

One response to “Why the PM’s arguments for REMAIN don’t stack up

  1. His superficial arguments told stand up to scrutiny, blown away by common sense!

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