The PM claimed to be Eurosceptic to climb the greasy pole says Peter Oborne

Peter Oborne says David Cameron is in no position to lecture anyone on their Euroscepticism,  and at least Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are risking their careers to put their money where their mouths are!  They are actually doing something.

The stench of hypocrisy is insufferable. That is why, for all their faults, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are so admirable,' writes Oborne

The stench of hypocrisy is insufferable. That is why, for all their faults, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are so admirable,’ writes Oborne

Oborne explains:  When David Cameron  stood for the nomination in his safe seat at Witney 15 years ago, he courted, and was helped by, the Eurosceptics.

Whenever asked about Europe, he highlighted his doubts and alarm about the direction it was taking. Were those doubts genuine? Or was Mr Cameron simply swinging in the political breeze in order to advance his career?

One thing is certain. The Prime Minister was displaying grotesque hypocrisy when he brutally laid into Boris Johnson in Parliament on Monday, suggesting it was ambition rather than principle that motivated him. Cameron’s own lack of principle on the subject should not be forgotten.

The Prime Minister promised ‘fundamental reform’ to Britain’s relationship with Europe.

Then, after four months of fake negotiation, he delivered nothing more than a handful of cosmetic changes.

Peter Oborne then proceeds to reveal the hypocrisy of Cameron’s ministers.  It’s not a pretty story.  Read the seamy details of the ministers who,like the PM put personal advancement before voters, their party and their country.

3 responses to “The PM claimed to be Eurosceptic to climb the greasy pole says Peter Oborne

  1. If you Vote to Remain IN EU!
    100 Million more people will have access to UK Jobs, UK Homes, UK Health Service, UK Education all FREE of Charge if you vote to Remain. The People with access to all this will go from 450 million to 550 million. All they need is a EU Passport!
    So if you rent, your Rent will go UP as competition for homes increases, unless we start building 500,000 new homes every year constantly!! The UK Cannot build enough and nor do we have the space!
    The NHS will be under more pressure (already £2 Billion over budget)
    If you want to buy your first Home, No Chance, not for decades
    If you want the school of choice for your child, sorry it will be full.
    If you want your parliament to decide the Laws and not the unelected Commission in Brussels, sorry that won’t happen if you vote in.
    If you to Vote LEAVE
    Jobs are much safer out! And wages will go up as employers will have to compete for staff… That is Economics 101 folks.
    HSBC One of worlds biggest Banks is Staying in UK
    Aston Martin (Indian Owned) Building new Car in Wales.
    64 of FTSE 100 Companies refused to sign the letter for Remain
    Tesco and others say either way no impact on their business.
    VAT could come down if Government chooses it to if we leave. EU Currently sets VAT rates for UK – Yes not our Government.
    We can End of VAT on women’s essential health products.
    Free Trade with Europe in the Free Market (Yes of course it would happen they sell £85 billion more to us, that is 2% of EU GDP)
    Free Trade Deals with Canada, Australia, China, USA, NZ, India, etc. etc
    Less pressure on our Schools, NHS, and other services.
    490 million will lose access to our benefit system
    Security will be safer, as we will still be in NATO, UN, Etc
    Security will be safer from Paris Style attacks as we can say No to who we want too, but then say yes to those 3,000 children abandoned in Northern France.
    Oh and you will no longer have Unelected people sending our Parliament Directives we didn’t want and make them Law that you never wanted.
    If you Vote to Remain
    VAT will remain under EU control not under your Voter Control via the Ballot Box
    Soon 550 Million people will continue to gain and keep access to our services, health and education. taxes will have to go up to pay for it, your taxes.
    Massive rises in Rented Accommodation Costs as competition for housing increases, specially in South East and London.
    Wage Suppression continues and deflation and stagnation – Get used to Minimum Wage Jobs being the Norm rather than it just being the entry level earning level!
    In 7 years time the so called Emergency Benefit Break expires, and up to 80 Million people could then start to claim for children, most of whom don’t live here and likely never will!
    First Time Buyers hopes dashed, Inheriting your parents home is likely your only chance to get onto the ladder EVER!
    ‪#‎Borisjohnson‬ ‪#‎MichealGove‬ ‪#‎GO‬ ‪#‎VoteLeave‬ ‪#‎EUReferendum‬ ‪#‎BBC‬
    I am voting out, not because I want Britain to go alone, but because I am thinking globally, I want us to be an outwardly looking nation once again, trading with the whole world, working for the entire planet not just one small insular selfish corner of it. I want to re-engage with the Commonwealth, we turned our back on them in 1975 and it was shameful that we did.
    Yes the EU has done some good things, but it is running out of control, it has got too big, is un-reformed and is un-democratic.
    It has an idealistic vision that cannot be achieved with Directives Alone.. It needs to change but it will never change unless someone, somewhere stands up and says NO!

  2. PM faking it, just says what suits.

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