Clarion call from Zac Goldsmith on why he’s backing Brexit!

Zac Goldsmith’s article on the EU and why he’s backing Brexit in CityAM has electrified the Mayoral election.zacgoldsmith13The article shows the essence of Zac’s beliefs and describes how he has always, his entire adult life, fought for what he believes in.

Zac said:  “I’ve spent the whole of my adult life standing up for what I believe in: that the voter is sovereign, our environment precious, and that politicians should deliver on the promises they make.

My constituents – the people who know me best – know I have stood by those principles over the last six years. It’s why they rewarded me at the last election with the biggest increased majority of any sitting MP.

And it’s that belief in democratic accountability that informs my view of the European Union.zacdave

The most important characteristic of any democracy is that it should be possible for voters to evict those who act in their name. The EU fails on that test. Real power in Brussels rests in institutions that are accountable to no one.

David Cameron promised to reform our relationship with the EU, and then put those reforms to the British people in a referendum, and for my part, I am grateful to him for restoring so many people’s faith in politics. Whatever Britain decides, he will go down in history as the Prime Minister who finally empowered the British people.

I commend him for his efforts, but the deal on the table does not go far enough, and given that even in the face of the UK voting to leave, the EU is unwilling to entertain meaningful reform, it is unlikely we will see anything more in the years to come.

So I believe we would be better off out of the EU, and I will be voting to leave.

Later in the article, I love the way that Zac sticks up for small businesses.  He brilliantly makes the point business does not speak with one voice.  What about small and medium size businesses, all hampered the EU?  Well said!

He says:  “I am on the side of the challenger, the plucky start-up, the business of tomorrow, rather than just protecting the incumbent. Many of the same voices predicted apocalypse if Britain refused to join the euro. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

But business does not speak with one voice. By a huge margin, London’s 975,000 small and medium sized firms say that EU regulation makes it harder for them to hire. And a growing number of large businesses have stated that Britain would flourish, or at least not be disadvantaged by leaving the EU.

Zac concludes by saying “It makes no sense for us to bind ourselves to a poitical bloc that is in decline.”

I urge everyone to read this article, on the link,  because it is so well written and vivid,  it should be read in its entirety.  This article is a clarion call and the reasons for joining Brexit have rarely been so clearly and powerfully expressed.

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