The EU debate: the day democracy was trashed on national tv by David Cameron

Today in the House of Commons,  we had to endure the worst and most painful performance by a Prime Minister I have ever seen. The softening up process was a twitter smear campaign, impugning Boris Johnson and sneering at his motives.borisdaveangryIn the House, David Cameron was contemptuously dismissive of the sincere concerns of MPs regarding the EU and the nature of his deal with the EU.  In consequence, his assurances that he respected the questioners and cared for the future of Britain were revealed as the height of cynicism.

Boris Johnson’s question about British sovereignty was swept aside with fake assurances, as were the questions of David Davis, Liam Fox, Bill Cash, Jacob Rees Mogg, Bernard Jenkins,  and all the other MPs who have agonised over the EU issue for decades. Boris was also treated to insults.  The broken promises of the PM are listed here and Dominic Lawson’s article saying that Britain has not been protected from “ever closer union” by the PM’s EU deal is here.

Dominic Lawson’s article today on how bad the EU has been for Britain is here.

It is clear that the entire event was a carefully rehearsed stitchup engineered by Peter Mandelson.  With respect, the PM is not intelligent enough to think of it by himself.  The Osbo/PM alliance with Mandy has been repeatedly described by Peter Oborne and the strategy had Mandy’s fingerprints all over it, as the smear campaign was reminiscent of Ali C.  The PM can congratulate himself, the organisation of the duffing up would not have disgraced the Kray Twins.

The effect was probably not what Cameron expected.  The shock of every MP at the inappropriate behaviour of the PM, by contrast, made them seem even more principled.

Anyone who thinks this performance will resound to the PM’s credit, is very much mistaken.  I cannot believe there will not be a huge backlash in the House.  This was  such a sad day for Parliament and for the House of Commons. Today democracy was raped.  On national tv.

5 responses to “The EU debate: the day democracy was trashed on national tv by David Cameron

  1. You must have watched a different bit of the debate to me. I saw a Tory prime minister we can be proud of, on great form, steering a skilful course mindful of the need not to alienate the Labour Party on this particular cause. I fear that Mr Johnson may come to realize in the course of the campaign that he’s backed the wrong horse, and this could be the worst mistake of his political career. A shame, as I feel he could have had a lot to offer the country and the party in the future, e.g. as deputy PM under George Osborne.

    • That was the appearance not the reality. He wasn’t telling the truth,blatantly lying. U need to click the lnkcs.
      We don’t have a shred of protection against ever closer union, our sovereignty gone. British law superceded by EU law.

      Proud of a PM who lies to his MPs in the House?

    • Osbo threatens to knife people or “Smash them to smthereens!”Not PM materal either.

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