“Good EU deal” for Britain is a monster stitchup

David Cameron’s hoped for “good deal for Britain”  has turned into the UK’s worst nightmare.  His already weak demands are being watered down into a meaningless sludge. Worse, the Times reports that the EU members are colluding to make sure that Britain never complains again. APTOPIX Belgium EU SummitThe Times reports:  “European leaders were joining together to insert a “last chance” clause into David Cameron’s renegotiation deal last night, ensuring that Britain would never be allowed to reopen talks.

In the surprise move, pushed by Belgium and backed by France, all 28 countries will insist that an agreement struck today is the maximum that can ever be offered to Britain.

Although British officials stressed that the move had not been prompted by the prime minister, he is believed to support it as a way of convincing Eurosceptics that the deal on the table is the last and only offer. The move is a high-stakes gamble by Mr Cameron as it is likely to lead to accusations of Brussels bullying by anti-EU campaigners.”

The entire move is highly suspect.  We are assured this demand has not been prompted by the PM, an unexpected assurance.  David Cameron will then be tossed more concessions than expected, (still not anything like enough,)  that he will promote as a brilliant triumph.

Any attempt to ensure that any country in the EU can never complain again is totally anti-democratic.   The EU cannot agree to blind obedience whatever their requirements in the future.  It is simply not possible to agree to such a demand.

The whole manoeuvre reeks to high heaven. A United States of Europe is obviously destined to be our fate if the 28  members have their way,  and signs so far are that the PM intends to do nothing to prevent it.  British sovereignty is obviously not on the agenda, this is an outrage!  Why did the PM simply not walk out in disgust?

One response to ““Good EU deal” for Britain is a monster stitchup

  1. Nobody expected the PM to get anything, but this is much much worse than expected. Underhand members are scheming to turn us into mindless EU slaves for ever…. Agree, why did PM not walk out immediately

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