Why is Sadiq Khan refusing to face scrutiny over his extremist links?

In the forthcoming Mayoral election, there is an urgent need for the Labour candidate, Sadiq Khan, to answer vital questions,on his promises of fares cuts and on his alleged extremist links,  but he has proved adept at avoiding having to provide any answers. sadiqtootingSadiq’s promise of a fares freeze has prompted TfL to insist that his plans will result in a 1.9 BN black hole in the transport budget. So far Sadiq has not managed to resolve the problem to anyone’s satisfaction.

Even worse, there is proof that Sadiq has links with dangerous extremists.  He has several times shared a platform with a terrorist described as “the bin Laden of the net”

sadiq's brother in law

sadiq’s brother in law

There are also links within his own family His brother in law, Makbool Javaid,  belongs to a dangerous terrorist organisation and has appeared alongside some of the UK’s most notorious hate preachers.  Mr Javaid’s name appeared on a fatwa in 1998 calling for a “full-scale war of jihad” against Britain and the US.

Mr Khan attended a conference alongside his then brother-in-law in 2004. Today he said that he has had no contact with Mr Javaid for at least 10 years and that he has always condemned extremism.”

Sadiq Khan’s mentor to win the Mayor of London nomination for Labour was Ken Livingstone, who supports radical Islam.  The Labour Party leader, Jeremy  Corbyn, nominated by Sadiq, sympathises with Hamas.

There have also been questions on the judgement of Sadiq Khan,  Tooting’s Member of Parliament, for his ten year support for terrorist Babar Ahmad.  Babar Ahmad has been found guilty of running websites that allegedly sought to raise money, recruit fighters and seek equipment for terrorists in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Mr Khan has been a vocal supporter of Babar Ahmad, (a childhood friend) and of his right to stay in this country, throughout the past decade.

Mr.Khan must realise, that as a candidate for the job of Mayor of London, voters are likely to be deeply troubled by the above links, and his reluctance to face questions on them.   Recently Sadiq has cancelled an appearance on the Marr Show on 14th February, the housing and infrastructure hustings on  12th February and tomorrow’s RIBA hustings.  Zac Goldsmith has also cancelled his appearance at the RIBA hustings, but Sadiq is not exactly rushing to face the urgent questions that would set Londoners’ minds at rest.

Sadiq’s constituents have quite rightly asked for an explanation of his support of Babar Ahmad, but just as he has on twitter, he has proved adept at evading confrontation and makes no effort whatsoever to address the issues in detail. The BBC has ignored the very serious questions on extremism that surround Sadiq. Guido Fawkes gives his view here.

On twitter, @cuzzin harry is a trained psychologist, these are his credentials. Fellow, Chartered Management Institute. Psychology, human behaviour. Ex Director Royal Navy. RFA. Cornishman. Mebyon Kernow.This is his view of Sadiq Khan.

cuzzinharry @cuzzinharry
@angelneptustar This is a very dangerous person.

Politically seditious maverick.

Update: The Daily Mail has unearthed proof that Sadiq Khan regularly attended jihadi rallies where black  flag of jihad regularly flew.

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