Latest ComRes Poll: Tories up 14% but PM hit by bad EU deal

The latest ComRes poll shows the Tories are up 14% on Labour. However, the EU deal has hit David Cameron’s favourability rating.  Only 21% think he will get a good deal, while 58% do not.borissincereConcerns about British sovereignty are of primary importance, as pointed out in a 2,800 word article in the Spectator,  by Marina Johnson, an eminent human rights QC and wife of our Mayor.  Boris Johnson gave the PM a list of demands, gave him a week’s deadline and said if conditions not fulfulled, would be backing Brexit.

ComRes Favourability ratings:
Boris +10
Cameron -17
McDonnell -17
IDS -22
Osborne -24
Farage -25
Corbyn -29
Gove -29

Boris Johnson is the only politician with a positive favourability rating. The PM is on -17%, as in John McDonnell.  George Osborne is also hit, on -24%.

The Labour Party is on a dire 27%, equalling a record low since before the 2010 election (Labour were also on 27% in November 2015).

The EU Referendum is of crucial importance to this country, and the fate of many of our leading politicians rests on the outcome.


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