Crisis at the Treasury! PM must rein Osbo in to concentrate on the day job

In the Daily Mail today,  Peter Oborne writes that George Osborne is overreaching.   He has taken on far too many jobs.georgejugglingOborne says: “The first point to make is that Mr Osborne has always been a part-time Chancellor. He is often not at the Treasury, because he is, in effect, the Government’s chief strategist and party manager as well as being Chancellor. It’s he who decides on promotions and sackings.

He has taken charge of negotiations with the European Union and will manage the campaign to keep Britain in Europe once the referendum is called.

In addition, he is running his personal campaign to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader, and is particularly assiduous in wining and dining Tory MPs in order to get their support.”

Peter Oborne challenges the superficial view that Osbo has been a good Chancellor over the past six years.  In his compulsion to achieve his ambitions, Osbo has indulged  in squandermania.  He inherited a national debt of a trillion pounds, and the way he has been spending,  it will be 1.8 trillion by the next election.  Additionally, according to the IFS,  he has never met a target yet, he has set himself goals that are far too optimistic.

In a mad drive to raise cash, Osbo is facing a riot within the Tory party, because of his plan to raid pensions that could see millions of middle class savers have tax breaks axed.  There is also fury at the way he is killing off the black cab trade, while unfairly advantaging the mulitinational Uber. This is crony capitalism at its worst.

The evidence is stacking up that the banking system is set to collapse again, but at such a critical moment, George is concentrating on anything but the economy.  Oborne produces evidence that George is not regulating the banks, the banks are regulating him.

The PM has to put his foot down and take control. Osbo has to be reined in. George has to knuckle down and concentrate on the day job. He must stop the scheming and schmoozing to be PM that is taking up so much of his time, he must drop European strategy, and apply his mind to the economy.

Oborne says the situation is that serious.

One response to “Crisis at the Treasury! PM must rein Osbo in to concentrate on the day job

  1. Borrowing in far too high, huge danger looming. Shades of Gordon! Over borrow, don’t regulate, didn’t George learn from the last time?

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