Black cab drivers cannot now accept decisions of TfL, rules broken, trust gone

The situation in the cab trade is now so bad that it is open knowledge that Sajid Javid and the Chancellor are blatantly allowing Uber to  ignore TfL regulations and break the rules.  Their attitude to complaints from black cab drivers is brazenly unapologetic. Might makes right.  Once again, the Tories, or at least, George Osborne, is dumping the working man in favour of crony capitalism.blackcabs5TfL is about to reassess the fare for black cabs and there is huge concern amongst black cab drivers that the decision will just be another way of kicking black cabs out of London.  The British are renowned for their love of fair play.  Black cabs have tried their utmost to play fair over this, if only the government would play fair, but they cheated!

Black cab drivers have every reason not to trust TfL so are justified in temporarily rejecting any decisions of TfL as a regulator.  Their union must lodge an official complaint against the regulator, and against the way the Government, as represented by Sadiq Javid and George Osborne, is riding rough shod over a trade that has just been proved the best in the world for the sixth time at an international level, in favour of a corrupt multinational.

Last night, David Cameron appeared in a party political broadcast , claiming that the Tories were keeping all their election pledges.  This is palpably not true. The Tories pledged to stand by the working man!  They are now abandoning the very best example of the working man we have in this country, black cab drivers, whose only crime is they have exerted every sinew to be the best.

This is not the party I campaigned and voted for!  That party political broadcast was cynical spin and exploitation and must be vigorously challenged. I urge black cab drivers to lodge a complaint with TfL, against TfL and I urge every decent person in London to get behind them.

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