Black cab drivers tell Uber where to put their offer to share the app

If Travis Kalanick thinks black cab drivers are as gullible as poor, exploited Uber drivers, he has had to think again.  His “olive branch” that black cab drivers can sign up to use the app. service for zero commision for 12 months was swiftly given the finger by Steven McNamara, of the LTDA and every black cab driver on the road.waterlooBlack cab drivers have heard all about Travis Kalanick’s “initial offers” from his own drivers, who have another name for what they actually are.

UK boss Jo Bertram, still looking like butter wouldn’t melt, while blithely ignoring the ever increasing  flood of rapes, assault, and instances of dangerous driving by Uber drivers in the UK said blandly ““Of course competition has affected the taxi trade. But it can also lead to service improvements and a better experience for passengers over time.”

Jo, who hails from Stepford,  knows that because, in a moment of madness, Osbo told TfL to let Uber off all regulations, the safety of passengers and service improvements are absolutely the last thing on Uber’s list of priorities. Many Uber drivers are uninsured and aren’t the most accomplished of drivers.uberaccidentThere is no chance that black cab drivers, renowned for their street smarts, would ever enter into any sort of agreement with Travis Kalanick or Uber.   Does Travis  honestly think they can’t see where his “free olive branch” is leading? It’s just the first stop on the Highway to Hell, and the offer shows the mindset that made him the type of exploitative  businessman he is.

Travis Kalanick’s plan, like Napoleon’s plan to conquer Russia, doesn’t seem to be working out.  He’s confused that black cab drivers haven’t jumped at the lazy way out and dumped the Knowledge,  like the people he usually deals with.  Who are these English upstarts?

What we have here is a culture clash and if Travis is Napoleon,  he could be about to meet his Waterloo.  History shows that if there is one thing the English are good at when right is on their side,  is digging in. The 1815 battle was won by sturdy English defence, as Wellington took everything the French could throw at him and nailed his men to that ridge!  Black cab drivers, the best in the world,  have vowed to never surrender.  The only thing that will save Travis is an orderly retreat, get out now!  You don’t belong here!  Sauve qui peut!  Save yourself while you still can……….

9 responses to “Black cab drivers tell Uber where to put their offer to share the app

  1. Yes Jo, I really want a new experience – I’ve never been raped before.

  2. Uber had their chance…… and they blew it! Now they need to go.

  3. LOL! Cutting off their noses to spite their faces!

    I’m really warming to this ‘Travis Kalanick’ (is that a real name?): a capitalist ‘red in tooth and claw’. This is the kind of entrepreneur the Conservative Party needs to get behind. I think Boris would agree.

    • Cutting of their noses to spitetheir faces? Hardly! Once signed up, after the 12 months, he would be bleeding them dry taking 25%! Are you crazy, oh no, you a\re a Uber lobbyist, totally heartless.

  4. Actually, I’m a computer programmer. But maybe that would make a good career change?

    • The way you jeer at black cab drivers does you no credit, I believe you are an Uber lobbyist because no rational person would tell BC drivers to sign up with Uber. Uber treat their drivers appallingly, the offer of 12 months free use of the app. will be followed by dreadful treatment, 25% of BC drivers’ salaries with Uber will go to Uber and Uber drivers AREN’T GETTING ANY WORK. There are far too many of them on the road, they are mostly sleeping in their cars, desperate for cash.

      Your nasty message about “cutting off their noses” is cruel and ignorant. BC drivers are doing much better than Uber drivers, who will be driven off the road once they have to pay the congestion charge and comply with stronger regs.

  5. Christine Skinner

    The Black taxis are at present like David fighting a multi headed Goliath made up of uber, Osborne, Cameron, Google and merchant banks. They are consistently voted the best in the world. They should fight on.

    • I believe London is behind the black cab drivers, Uber spin and lobbying has failed. They should and will keep fighting, and we must do all we can to back them up and support them.

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