The British will not lightly give up the right to govern themselves

After all the financial arguments that we will be damaged by leaving the EU,  for me, this argument is the clincher.  Martin Durkin makes this impassioned plea in CityAM.

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce

“Our lazy, unprincipled politico-bureaucratic elite is about to get a bloody nose. British people will not be governed by people who they don’t know, haven’t elected and can’t remove from power.

Nor can we stomach obeying laws we haven’t debated and have little or no chance of blocking. David Cameron’s craven attempt to win EU approval for a minor tweak to our benefits system has merely highlighted our shocking loss of self-government.

And as for the “risks” of being outside the EU, we’re not blind. We can see the thriving non EU-Swiss. Per head of population, they export five times more than us and are twice as wealthy.

Non-EU Norway exports four times as much as us per head. When it comes to trade, jobs and wealth, both these independent European countries put the economically stagnant EU (including Germany) to shame. Our smug ruling elite is about to learn a lesson. The British will not lightly give up the right to govern themselves” says Martin Durkin.

All we are ever told by the people who want to stay in is what it will cost us if we leave!   We can trade with the world.  Anyway, maybe some things are more important than money. Maybe it’s better to be inititally worse off, and make our own decisions than be ruled by dictatorial, corrupt, uncaring bureaucrats.   Sick to death of the arguments that it will cost us a bundle to leave,  I say this!  They may take our cash but they can never take….. our freedom!

Update:  In his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris took the PM’s deal apart. Boris has given the PM a one week deadline to come up with a better deal, or he intends to join Brexit.  He said he will not be conned or bullied.

2 responses to “The British will not lightly give up the right to govern themselves

  1. I hope not, and it better be made crystal clear to people of this country, they will be handing over government to unelected bureaucrats.

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