Uber in chains. Will the new regs. finish them off?

There is more than one way of skinning a cat. All the tougher regs.might not have gone through, but as Steve McNamara explains in TAXI, the ones that have gone through contain some significant improvemts.

Steve says:  “The best of the bunch is that TfL intends to remove the Congestion Charge fee exemption for minicabs. This will add another £11.50 per day to their meagre running costs. This was prettymuch a no brainer: the increasing number of empty minicabs is causing the congestion so they should pay the cost of reducing it.”

Mimicab satellite offices have been scrapped.

Steve continues:  “Other good sensible measures to be adopted include, a   requirement for all minicab operators to offer the facility for a customer to be able to talk by telephone with someone at all times. The argument put forward by a certain app company that this would involve extra cost burdens in employing call centre staff were rightly dismissed on the grounds of passenger safety.

The same app company is also unhappy with the new requirement to provide a fixed fare at the time of booking, possibly because it will lead to greater transparency of its surge pricing scheme. Passengers will see the intended fare immediately, rather than in the current system, which simply advises it will be X% higher without specifying what X is. Likewise, its objections to having to record the destination on all bookings, as unnecessary red tape were rightly dismissed.

Like many Londoners, we are puzzled why so many in the minicab industry are unhappy about the new requirement for minicab drivers to supply a National Insurance number, undergo a mandatory English language test and for criminal record checks to be compulsory for all minicab control room staff?”

The biggest problems yet to be tackled, is lack of insurance and plying for hire.  Read Steve’s comments on these issues here.

Doing something about these two issues is not within the jurisdiction of the Mayor.  That, as confirmed by the Secretary of State, when the Gov. refused to cap PHVs, is clearly not now up to Boris.  Government agreement is needed to cap PHVs.  Osbo is handling the issue of Uber.  The same applies to insurance and touting for trade. Rightly, the LTDA intends to tackle these issues legally.

All these regs. seem sensible and a big step forward.  It is hard not to feel sorry for Uber drivers, nothing more than slaves, struggling to survive on less than the minimum wage plus tax credits.  They are already paying 25% to Uber, and now have to pay an extra £11.50 a day on the congestion charge.How can they possibly survive?   Surely they will be jacking in Uber, and packing in the job in droves?

See first comment – Uber lobbyist says new regs. might mean Uber leaves London!  Oh boo hoo hoo!


12 responses to “Uber in chains. Will the new regs. finish them off?

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  2. What about campaigning for 24hr congestion charge?
    Traffic in central London in the evening/night is terrible especially since CSH and all night scabs would have to pay as well

  3. This isn’t going to change anything, uber will still be doing cheap fairs on paper but charging what they like and anybody who uses them and gets ripped off, tough. For those who or coming from everywhere to earn money for themselves and their families, good on you for trying but its just a shame you’re working for a company that’s taking a 1/4 of your money. I’ve been a taxi driver for twenty years and yes it’s harder but things change and its harder for everyone, except big companies like uber, Google etc who take money off hard working people for doing nothing and not even paying taxes on what they take from you

  4. if you r,e comming from bradford bolton or birmingham or eastern europe £7per hour is a fortune to them working 15 hours a day wont matter to them we sre
    we are not much infront of them significantly more overheads we are £3 better off per hour

  5. Please remember that the congestion charge finishes early evening so not really going to change night workers is it. It’s just a gimmick to shut up taxi drivers from exposing Boris cameron and osbornes corruption

  6. So, while London aspires to be a world-class city, it may soon be the only city on this list (https://www.uber.com/cities) that doesn’t have an Uber service. A third-rate city, in other words. Is that really Boris’s vision for our capital?

    • But London will always have the taxi service that has won the prize for bext taxi service in the world SIX TIMES. I don’t see Uber’s name on that list Steve, do you? They don’t even make the bottom of the list! Any Uber cab that obeys the regs. will be allowed to stay. Simple. They should never have offered such a cheap fare based on breaking regulations and treating their drivers, who are human beings, like dirt!

      If Uber goes, we haven’t lost a thing! Hope other countries follow our lead! Treating people like slaves is no way to run a business.

    • … says you, who doesn’t see any problem with touting. That tells us everything that’s needed to be known about your idiocy.

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