Loud cheers in the House as Boris rises to question PM on British sovereignity

In what SKY News described as the pivotal  moment of the debate, Boris rose to question David Cameron on his EU deal.  boriskindThe Express said:  “But, perhaps in the most worrying intervention for Mr Cameron, loud cheers greeted the Mayor of London as he asked the Prime Minister how his renegotiation deal would “restrict the volume of legislation coming from Brussels” and “assert the sovereignty of this House of Commons and of these Houses of Parliament.”

Boris Johnson’s honesty nailed the PM when he said:  “This deal is NOT what Britain wants!”

If the PM is saying we would be better off within the EU, says the Express Chris Roycroft Davis, “then he’s misleading the British public on a scale not seen since Harold Wilson lied through his teeth before the 1975 referendum and said our sovereignty would not be affected if we voted to join what was then called the Common Market.

It was only 30 years later when secret Cabinet minutes were made public that we discovered Wilson’s own ministers were warning in private that our membership of the EU would represent a “gross infringement of sovereignty”, a “serious attack on Parliamentary democracy” and a “dismemberment of the authority of the House of Commons”

Earlier, Boris said of the EU agreement “There is much much more to be done. ”  He has refused to praise the negotiations, and said pointedly “The PM has made the best of a bad deal.”

Boris Johnson has a knack of cutting through to the heart of the matter.  He certainly did that when he raised the question of our sovereignity in the House of Commons today.

On 7th February,   Boris Johnson gave David Cameron a list of conditions and one week’s deadline to come up with the goods.

2 responses to “Loud cheers in the House as Boris rises to question PM on British sovereignity

  1. SKY News says Boris Johnson’s question was the most significant contribution to the debate. Well done Boris!

  2. It was brilliant. If Boris had done the negotiations with the EU, we would actually have got somewhere.

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