Lawless! Uber is leading PM and Osbo down the road to ruin

An excellent article in the taxi magazine, The Badge, the October 2015 issue,  clearly explained how by ensuring that Uber does not have to comply with regs.,  the Government (Osbo and our PM) stepped in to protect Uber. cameronosbo2The article states that Mayor Boris has written in a Daily Telegraph article that because of the flood of PHVs, (87,000 Uber cabs are on the road now, aimlessly driving around looking for work, soon this number will reach 100,000) “the law is systematically being broken.”

The black cab trade is in a diabolical situation, but is soldiering on with its customary guts and dignity, doing the usual fantastic job.  Recently black cabs were voted internationally the number one cab service in the world for the sixth time in a row.

The question on the lips of every right thinking person is “How the hell is Osbo getting away with this?”

In November, on his LBC show, Boris said:  “”The government is still so besotted with this idea that they’ve got to support Californian tech titans – even though  they don’t pay a dime of tax in this country.  “In my view they are not  doing enough about it.”

It is quite obvious, says The Badge, that the Mayor realises the current situation is unsustainable. Breaking safety regs. shows utter disregard for public safety.  The latest issue of TAXI magazine gives details of the capture of yet another Uber pervert. Treating drivers like slaves, paying them below the minimum wage is as bad.

George Osborne clearly doesn’t realise that his endorsement of such an irresponsible, immoral company is damaging the Tory Party.  This is not what Tories are about.

This is a terrible situation for the black cab trade, but it is hard not to conclude that allowing Uber to flout the laws of the land is something the PM and George Osborne will come to bitterly regret.

3 responses to “Lawless! Uber is leading PM and Osbo down the road to ruin

  1. Lets hope the regret it sooner rather than later,there all sneaky rats.

  2. Deleted by Editor, abusive.

    • Boris is not part of the problem, he has continually backed capping PHVs. He also wants Uber to follow regs.
      If you don’t believe me, I suggest you contact your own union, @The_LCDC, who will confirm what I say.

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