Corbyn and Sadiq are plotting strike action to bring London to its knees

The signs are there, for  those who choose to read them. It is clear that Jeremy Corbyn, backed by Sadiq Khan is gearing up for a series of far tougher strikes,  aimed at attacking and even unseating, the Government. corbynprotesterOn 17th January, Jezza called for secondary strikes to be made legal.  

Secondary strikes (or sympathy strikes)

Usually illegal strike action whereby workers withhold their labor because their employer sells to or buys from a firm whose workers are on strike. These strikes extend the conflict of another strike.

Jezza also wants to roll back strike laws to allow flying pickets.

Flying pickets

When workers involved in industrial action stage a protest at or near a workplace to increase support for their cause, this is called picketing. Workers who are involved in picketing are called pickets.

The pickets usually tell other workers about the dispute they are involved in and the industrial action being taken. They may also try to persuade other workers not to work at all or not to perform some of their normal work duties.

Addressing the unions in 2014, Sadiq Khan urged direct action, and told the unions they must be far tougher, they should copy Bob Crow.corbynmorningstarRed Ken let the cat out of the bag when he wrote an entire article in the Evening Standard recently that failed to mention Sadiq Khan even once, instead calling for Londoners to vote for “Jeremy Corbyn’s vision” for London.

Make no mistake, the strike action is only intended to  benefit union members. As Jezza and Sadiq ramp up the action, the people most hurt by these strikes will be the working poor, and small businesses, many of which will be forced to close.

Strike action is not always wrong – the black cab drivers for example, are totally justified in taking action, their rights are being badly abused.

Jezza and Sadiq are planning industrial action for one reason only.  To attack and bring down the government. It is vital to Jezza’s plans that Sadiq Khan gets in as London Mayor.  Strikes create havoc and disrupt business,  they ruin the stable jobs market.  Boris has bust a gut putting London back on its feet, and getting the jobs market going and the economy stable.

Sadiq Khan must not be allowed within a million miles of the Mayoralty.


One response to “Corbyn and Sadiq are plotting strike action to bring London to its knees

  1. I think this is the plan. It is too much of a coincidence that they are trying to change strike law, wave of strikes on the way if Sadiq wins!

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