If Sadiq wins, Londoners will be lab rabbits in wacko Corbynista experiments, says Zac

A truly terrifying future for London was laid out by Zac Goldsmith last night, as he launched his fight to retain the London Mayoralty.corbynalypseSadiq Khan is best pals with Red Ken, who was his mentor in achieving the Labour nomination. He is also best  buds with with Jeremy Corbyn. Khan is a tool of the unions, a member of  UNITE,  and is on record as egging on the unions to be tougher in strikesBob Crow bled Londoners dry.  Be more like Bob Crow, urged Sadiq.

Khan says he will take part in strike negotiations.   I bet he will!  How can he, as a member of a union, ethically do this when the Mayor must be impartial?  David Cameron revealed last night that one of Corbyn’s plans for London is to bring back secondary strikes and flying pickets.corbyncoalitionThese plans are to benefit union members only and cause more disruption to London.

Any pretence of helping the  working poor is blown sky high, because as Boris Johnson pointed out, if Jezza cared a jot about the poor, he would back the Trades Union Bill.  Boris’s Daily Telegraph article on the subject is here.  Strikes hurt the workers terribly, points out Boris.   Corbyn and Sadiq don’t give a damn.

Any Mayor of London is meant to be impartial in strike negotiations. Sadiq should resign from UNITE and like Boris, stay out of strike talks.

Ken Livingstone, Sadiq Khan’s mentor, supports radical Islam, and invited a known terrorist to City Hall.  Corbyn is sympathetic to  Hamas.  It is a matter of the utmost urgency that Khan denounces the beliefs of these two men.

In his acceptance speech, Sadiq called for open immigration.  He wants London to be a beacon, just like Angela Merkel did in Germany.  Aren’t you laying us open to a huge terror threat, Sadiq?

Another controversial plan is to give the Falklands back to Argentina.

One thing’s for sure.  Security, encouraging business (business leaders do not support Sadiq), plentiful jobs and a flourishing London economy are the last things on Sadiq’s agenda.

Sadiq Khan, Red Ken and Jezza Corbyn are more concerned with uniting to stir things up than establishing security for London.

One response to “If Sadiq wins, Londoners will be lab rabbits in wacko Corbynista experiments, says Zac

  1. Why are they asking to strengthen strike powers? I’m getting a bad feeling………

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