Decision not to cap PH vehicles was made by PM and Osbo, NOT Boris Johnson

– The PH decision was 100% influenced by Govt interference # FACT

For yonks, Boris has wanted to cap PHVs, but most unfairly the blame for the floods of PHVs receiving licences has been laid at his door.borisanxiousLegally, the Government has the right to make this decision, if they disagree with the Mayor.

When asked about a cap on PHVs, The Secretary of State, Andrew Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport) replied :

“This Government does not intend to amend primary legislation to allow the number of private hire vehicles licensed in London or elsewhere to be restricted“.

Get the picture?  This is a Government decision, not a Mayoral decision and is frankly crazy.  The powers of the Mayor are explained in this article, click here.

The tweet at the top of this blog, from a reputable source, confirms the Government decided this.  

2 responses to “Decision not to cap PH vehicles was made by PM and Osbo, NOT Boris Johnson

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  2. On Friday night the traffic was so bad i turned the cab and went home
    I had intended to work late and add to the £60 i had taken (in 7 hours) already

    Transport for London you are wankers and London wants its money back

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