BBC’s gullible Tim Donovan still believes in the myth of the Uber cheap fare

It is hard to believe that anyone nowadays still believes in the myth of the Uber cheap fare, but apparently Tim Donovan of BBC Sunday Politics, still does. Either Tim has a mind that is so unenquiring he believes everything he is told, or else he is an Uberhack.  God knows, there are enough unscrupulous journos on the Uber payroll so why not Tim?timdonovan2

Most journalists know by now that a) Uber avoids safety regulation world wide so saving the cost of insurance, criminal checks,  medical checks, etc.   The resulting danger for Uber customers isn’t something Uber bosses lose any sleep over.

b)  Uber pay their drivers so pathetically little that many are earning £1.47 below the minim wage.  Uber have upped their rakeoff from 20% to 25%.  To make ends meet, many Uber drivers are working 20 hour days, so they are so tired, they fall asleep at the wheel, another threat to safety.

But to return to that cheap fare.  A cheap fare based on criminality, which is what avoiding regs. is, and a fare that has to be bolstered up with tax credits isn’t really a cheap fare at all, is it Tim Donovan? So by blandly referring to the Uber cheap fare, you are grossly misleading the viewers of BBC Sunday Politics.

Still, since you spent last week  saying that Red Ken was a good Mayor, thus contradicting what you said in another programme,  nothing you say ever means very much, does it?

2 responses to “BBC’s gullible Tim Donovan still believes in the myth of the Uber cheap fare

  1. Tim Donovan is just a disaster, I suppose we will have to deal with his biased comments now the election is in the offing.

  2. I don’t think he even bothers to research the subject.

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