It’s time for Uber’s Jo Bertram to face some proper scrutiny

The only interviews Jo Bertram has ever given have presented her as a plucky heroine, bravely putting up with abuse from cabbies, who, quite rightly are livid that Uber is breaking all the rules and getting away with it.jobertramrape

Safety regs. that are there for a reason – above all to protect the customer – are blithely ignored by Uber.  The number of assaults by Uber drivers on female passengers is on the rise, and rapes in India particularly are at an all time high,  but hey, Uber has plenty of lobbyists to churn out the spin.

Most Uber drivers are on scandalously low pay, many are living in their cars, (in freezing weather) and doing so many hours they are falling asleep at the wheel. With no access to bathroom facilities, they are using private gardens.

Until now, Bertram has only sanctioned puff pieces in sympathetic newspapers, and she has yet to face a tough interviewer on tv.  Uber consistently dodges all responsibility, including paying tax, observing regs., fair pay  and so far has managed to get away with it all, thanks to Osborne and the PM.  Jo Bertram needs to explain why.

Worst of  all, never one word of regret from Bertram regarding the all the rapes by Uber drivers, that are totally and wholly caased by Uber’s lax criminal checks.

2 responses to “It’s time for Uber’s Jo Bertram to face some proper scrutiny

  1. Another puff piece by a hired Uber hack. I’ll give you this Steve, they certainly shell out on spin and lobbying. How long do you think it will be before the rapes, the assaults, the drivers falling asleep at the wheel, the slavel abour pay are accepted as the real, ugly face of Uber?

    Jo Bertram should face a proper interviewer and answer some hard questions about the terrible way Kalanick treats his drivers and the awful consequences of lax security checks.

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