Tragedy for London as PM and Osbo sanction Uber zombie drivers

This is a sad sad day for London. Business ethic have been trashed by the decision of the PM and Osbo that Uber can continue to evade regulation.  They are also refusing to cap PHVs.  So enamoured are they by Californian tech,  that they are prepared to overlook the terrible way that Uber treats its drivers and their blatant disregard for public safety.camerongloatUber is being sued globally for its arrogant avoidance of safety regulations, and is despised for the callous way they treat their drivers.  The company has utter disdain for the customer, anything is good enough for us, as long as we cough up the fare.

London is being flooded with so many PHVs, work is in too short supply. Uber drivers are accusing the company of tricking them into their contracts.  Many Uber drivers are turning into “zombie drivers”  sleeping in their cars and working 18-20  hours a day to make ends meet, then falling asleep at the wheel.  What does it say about David Cameron and George Osborne, that they are prepared to bend the rules for a company as callous as this?uberzombiesBoris Johnson has fought  back by insisting that Uber drivers must pay the congestion charge.  This will limit Uber taxis on the road and was warmly welcome as a good move by Addison Lee. The move was hailed as “common sense” by the LTDA. He has asked TfL to look at this proposal.

Under the numerous measures announced, private hire drivers would also be required to pass a basic English language test, guarantee fare estimates in advance of journeys and stricter insurance measures and higher licence fees would be introduced.

Why Uber faces a rough road ahead.  Now they must engage in city by  city combat!

The Uber app is a step forward, but that can never compensate for the ditching of safety regs. and the appalling treatment of Uber drivers.  Travis Kalanick is clearly only motivated by pure greed.  He has gone bust once to the tune of trillions.  To unleash this immoral company on London is a dangerous thing to do and a decision has been made that I believe the PM and Chancellor will come to bitterly regret.

11 responses to “Tragedy for London as PM and Osbo sanction Uber zombie drivers

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  2. The main differential between taxis and minicabs is that only taxis are allowed to ply for hire. UB$R are clearly plying for hire by ranking up all over London and displaying availability on their app. Boris said to stop this would be ludicrous! THEY’RE PLYING FOR HIRE!! Bloke is a clown and has never had any intention of curtailing their illegal activity. TFL – CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT, WOEFULLY INADEQUATE

    • That’s not true, Boris has tried to cap Uber vehicles for months, cannot do that without legislation. Osbo and PM have some link with Uber, let them ride roughshod over the rules. Boris wants Uber to comply with regs.

  3. Adam Smith Institute gives a qualified welcome:

  4. ‘The London mayor said he had rejected what he described as “neanderthal” and “ludicrous” calls from London taxi drivers to crack down on the company.’

    • May as well have said Luddites and be done with it

    • Boris was commenting on just one thing. . But he is in favour of capping Uber, wants them to comply with regs. and wants to remove the exemption charge from Uber. I agree with all those things, emminently reasonable.

      He also dislikes the way Uber treat their drivers, inhumane and greedy. Mos them on slave wages. disgraceful.

  5. UB£R are not taxi’s, they’re MINICABS!!! Boris started this mess and now is spouting more bullsh1t that he is trying to limit numbers etc. Chocolate teapot

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