Sleazy Riders! Another nutso scheme from the Uber con machine

Uber taxis may suck, but be fair, the spin is outstanding, if totally phony. In TAXI magazine,  Steve McNamara has a tale to tell on the latest Uber scheme, a plan to coin it in with the minimum amount of effort on their part.  It is hard to believe that Uber could create anything more irresponsible than their cab service, where dreadful drivers, with zero knowledge of this city flout all the rules when they are not falling asleep over the wheel, but they have managed it.uberscandalSteve McNamara explains “Uber plan to get completely unlicensed, everyday commuters driving unlicensed and uninsured cars picking up fellow commuters for a few quid on their way to work.Their latest spokesman – they seem to get through quite a few- told the press“the company is trialling a scheme that will enable private motorists to become temporary Uber drivers with the touch of a button on their phone. Any motorist will be able to become an Uber driver on their daily commute with the simple touch of a button on their phone.”

I’m sure that Steve is white to the lips thinking about the safety implications of this insane scheme.  It’s called Ubercommute.  Bluntly, it’s a serial killer’s charter, any nutcase can invite vulnerable women into his car with the minimum of effort with disastrous consequences. The good news is, the scheme is being trialed in Chicago and China, poor bastards, not here.  Also it would be totally illegal in the UK.

Does Uber think that this sort of crazy suggestion enhances their reputation?   Uber head honcho Travis Kalanick might be a genius at extracting the maximum amount of cash out of customers and drivers, for the minimum amount of effort on his part, but his name is now synonomous with 4th rate standards, arrogant disdain for the customer and callous disgregard of regulations and safety.

If Osbo continues to pander to Uber cabs, doesn’t he realise the impllications of insisting that such a deplorable service be foisted on the public?  Apparently Uber drivers are quitting the company in droves, unable to handle the absolutely dreadful treatment.  They are replaced by ever more desperate, even lower standard drivers.    Is this all the British people is worth in your eyes, George? You are endorsing slave labour.  The cab service of the future?  These days when talking of Uber, “cheap, nasty and complelely irresponsible” are the only words that spring to mind.

One response to “Sleazy Riders! Another nutso scheme from the Uber con machine

  1. God knows what Uber will be charging for this service, they ought to charge a tiny fee, because what are they doing towards the service? Just providing the app. and they won’t take any responsibility if women are attacked either.

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