Why the Soho Curzon should be demolished

The people who are campaigning for  the Curzon Soho to be saved can have no idea of the huge benefits that Crossrail will bring to London, the South East and the rest of the UK.crossrailLondonThe new railway will support regeneration across the capital and add an estimated £42bn to the economy of the UK.

Crossrail already delivers social benefits across the UK with thousands of jobs and business opportunities for companies of all sizes.

As Europe’s biggest construction project, Crossrail is also creating thousands of jobs and training opportunities as well as business opportunities for companies of all sizes to supply services and materials.

Crossrail will make travelling in London and the South East easier and quicker, and help to reduce crowding on London’s transport network.

Substantial economic benefits

  • Crossrail will deliver substantial economic benefits in London, the South-East and across the UK
  • Over the past few years Crossrail has let some of the largest value contracts in recent UK construction history – providing a much needed boost to the UK construction industry as well as creating major employment opportunities
  • The estimated benefit of Crossrail to the UK economy is at least £42 billion

Many of the people campaigning for the Soho Curzon to be saved haven’t visited the cinema for at least a year.  Some of them haven’t ever visited the cinema.  I love French films and regularly visit all the Curzon cinemas, because they show films you can see nowhere else.   The Soho Curzon is by far the worst building of the chain.   All the other Curzons have been rebuilt, and are beautiful. Once when I was in the Soho Curzon, a ceiling fell down and we all had to leave before the movie ended.

The  Soho Curzon could be rebuilt elsewhere, into a much more beautiful cinema, which would continue to show the outstanding films we all love. But campaigners must widen their view of this issue and understand the value of Crossrail.  Crossrail brings such huge benefits, it is essential to the future of the UK.  It would utter stupidity to derail the project

Boris Johnson was so convinced of the value of the project for this country, that when the Government first came into power and wanted to cancel it, he was prepared to resign to save Crossrail.

Show you have vision!  See not the small screen, but the bigger picture!

One response to “Why the Soho Curzon should be demolished

  1. Crossrail is an incredibly important project, and the Soho Curzon is in dire need of refurbishment. Better surely to build Crossrail and then rebuild the Soho Curzonso it is as beautiful as the other Curzon cinemas in another part of Soho.

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