Ever closer union. The PM and Osbo are now in league with Peter Mandelson

According to journalist Peter Oborne in today’s Daily Mail, lately over the EU, David Cameron has shown a mastery of detail and strategic vision, that enabled him to bring off a stunning coup without one resignation or complaint. Peter Oborne says such brilliance is entirely untypical of the PM, who leaves everything to the last minute.MandelsonOborne says:  “As I revealed here previously, Mandelson has become a discreet adviser to George Osborne, who is masterminding the Government’s EU negotiations.

In a cynical reference to the growth of a European superstate, there is talk in Westminster of an ‘ever-closer union’ between Cameron’s wing of the Tory party and the Blairites in Labour. This is not only driven by the Mandelson/Osborne nexus but is being consolidated by many of Cameron’s team in No 10 working closely with the Remain campaign.” I believe an aim is to make Tony Blair President of the EU.

Oborne continues:  “Indeed, they expect to lead the British people into voting to remain in the EU.

They then plan to wreak swift revenge on those who campaigned for Britain to leave and complete the ‘modernisation’ of the Tory Party by kicking out the Eurosceptic rump.

The plan is to prepare the ground for George Osborne to take over from Cameron as Tory leader and Prime Minister.”

It’s hard to believe that Peter Mandelson is doing all this scheming, (OK, he wants to keep us in the EU)   just to help George Osborne become PM.  He must be keen to get Labour back in power.  Maybe there is a further stage to Mandy’s diabolically devious strategy that George is unaware of.  Could it be that knowing George Osborne is not a bit popular so would be unlikely to win a popular vote, Mandy has set up him for another showdown – against another Mandy bezzy?  David Miliband?

4 responses to “Ever closer union. The PM and Osbo are now in league with Peter Mandelson

  1. What about democracy? So David Cameron would rather gang up with disgusting Blairites than listen to his own party.

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  3. I thought the same. To many little snip etc. This twat Cameron a jock after all Blair brown Cameron the had both camps infiltrated the wolf in sheep’s clothing is the Moto boys. The question is what do we do with traitors and what can we do about it better Brits exit

    • It is absolutely disgraceful that George and Dave are prepared to betray their own party by doing a deal with the Blairites and by shacking up with EU leaders. The majority of Tory grassroots wants Brexit. But a true betrayal to do a deal with Blairites and execute their lousy aganda.

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