Zac Goldsmith overwhelmingly seen as more pro business than Sadiq Khan

Not so long ago, Sadiq Khan was bragging that he intended to be the most pro business Mayor ever, and he praised Boris Johnson’s trade missions, declaring he would  be even better.  Unfortunately for Sadiq, business leaders don’t return his enthusiasm.zacsadiq2ComRes surveyed more than 500 London firms in November, and figures show that 76 per cent of respondents said the Tory Party under  David Cameron is pro-business, with 68 per cent saying the same of Goldsmith.

On the other hand, just one in seven businesses said they think the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn is pro-business. Nearly twice as many (29 per cent) said they thought Khan was pro-business.

Khan, who has vowed to be the “most pro-business mayor London has ever had”, has so far struggled to distance himself from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the mayoral contest. The fact that he is a Ken Livingstone protege and once  endorsed direct strike action urging unions to “be more like Bob Crow” hasn’t helped either.

Khan was one of 35 MPs who backed Corbyn’s nomination for Labour party leader last July.

Karren Brady, a Tory peer and the government’s small business ambassador, welcomed the survey results, saying they “confirmed” that Khan is the “Jeremy Corbyn, trade union anti-business candidate.

The fact that Zac is so highly regarded by business leaders is huge bonus for London.  Boris Johnson is also very highly regarded by business leaders, which meant he was trusted with over 400MM funding in sponsorship.  Ken raised zip!  Zac will also find it easy to raise funding from business leaders for worthy causes. that is a massive gold star for  his campaign.

One response to “Zac Goldsmith overwhelmingly seen as more pro business than Sadiq Khan

  1. This is a big boost for Zac, he is such a nice guy that will tell in the end. Genuine.

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