Corbynite agenda: provoke strikes not to resolve the issue but to attack the Gov

In a brilliant interview on SKY news, Adam Boulton revealed what every voter should know.  The Corbynite agenda is to use strikes to attack the Government, as Boris Johnson said.   The aim is to  demonise the Tories as hard hearted, with no intention of resolving the dispute.Watch Adam Boulton video herecorbyn .The Labour Partyhas declared it is policy to back every strike, regardless of merit.  The present strike of the junior doctors is a case in point.  Doctors who have taken the Hippocratic oath are being used as pawns by the BMA, who are carrying out the Corbynite agenda. 

Manipulators like Dr. Gavaghan are upping the ante by acting hysterical on air, when cool heads should be the order of the day. Of course!  Patients are no longer the priority!  What matters is creating mayhem for the Tories,  if patients suffer in the meantime, tough titty.sadiqken2The  Aslef strike against the night tube is another example.  Unionists are refusing to run the night tube, but they won’t allow Boris Johnson to bring in part timers, totally unreasonable.  All the recent RMT strikes have been sheer blackmail, they have hurt the poorest in London, but they should cocoa!

This is nothing new regarding tube strikes. The  RMT call strikes for the most trivial reasons, because they love holding London to ransom.  If by some disaster,  Sadiq Khan should become Mayor, prepare yourselves for the Corbynite agenda with a vengeance!

Sadiq’s bezzies  are Red Ken, whose protege he is and Jeremy Corbyn.   In 2014, when addressing the unions, Khan was heard inciting them to direct action.  He went on to say strikes should be tougher, emulate the greedy bullying tactics of  Bob Crow! As Boris Johnsn remarked, Sadiq Khan is a tool of the unions. Just how big a tool we will find out if he wins.

The episode of BBC Question Time discussing the junior doctors’ strike is here.

Corbyn said recently it is now the policy of the Labour Party to back all strikes, regardless of merit.

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