London jammed full, Osbo still refuses to cap PHVs

The decision is made regarding capping PHVs and it is sheer lunacy.  When asked about capping PHVs, The Secretary of State, Andrew Jones, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport) replied :

“This Government does not intend to amend primary legislation to allow the number of private hire vehicles licensed in London or elsewhere to be restricted“.georgesmugGet the picture?  This is a GOVERNMENT decision, not a Mayoral decision and is frankly crazy.  The powers of the Mayor are explained in this article, click here.

Under the heading  Specific Powers is this sentence.

However, if the Mayor’s plans are in contradiction with UK national policy, the Secretary of State can otherwise direct the Mayor’s policy.

That is what has happened.  The dreadful consequences of cramming more and more PHVs onto our roads will be dire. Boris now must deal with ever increasing congestion,  and pollution.  London exceeded its 2016 pollution limit in just one week!  There will be even more pressure on all cab drivers, because there are now so many, jobs are in ever decreasing supply.  Legally, the government is within its rights to do this.

The burning question on everyone’s mind is what is the angle of the Chancellor on this? He must be aware of the havoc Uber is causing, and the low quality of the service they are providing.  What’s your angle Osbo?   This is stupidity beyond belief. What the hell are you thinking?

But now for the good news….  According to The Observer,Uber is facing a rough road ahead!  Their refusal to accept regulation is backfiring right around the globe!  And will it really reflect to the credit of our Chancellor to be seen to back such a callous, inhumane organsation?  I think not! George could yet come majorly unstuck over this……..

3 responses to “London jammed full, Osbo still refuses to cap PHVs

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  2. We have had Philip Hammond in Osbo’s place for 9 months, still no cap, who do we turn to?

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