Hey Osbo, hey Travis! Black cab drivers will never stop fighting, you can count on it!

Another video from Aceface, the brilliant auteur of the cult video that rocked Uber on its heels, Uber’s Lust for World Domination shows the damage Uber has caused throughout the world.  It’s called Illegal Uber, but like Bernie Madoff, one day, criminal Uber’s luck will run out.

Last week London’s need for our brilliant black cabs was confirmed by a vote in the London Assembly.  There was cross party support for the motion that emphasised how essential our superb black cabs are to this city.  Their skill, knowledge, and safety are unparalled throughout the world.

Uber thought it would be a cinch to drive black cabs out of London.  They have failed.  Black cabs have cornered the top end of the market, and a bid to destroy them by dumbing down the Knowledge also failed.  Steve McNamara, no fool,  said “We don’t want to make the Knowledge easier, we are the gold standard.”

So London black cab drivers are sending this message to Uber boss Travis Kalanick and also to the Chancellor.  Hey Osbo, hey Travis!  We are still here!  Black cab drivers will never stop fighting! You can count on it!

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