Adam Boulton interview proves Boris Johnson is right about the junior doctors strike

Adam Boulton’s interview clearly showed that Boris Johnson was completely right in his  article on the junior  doctors’ strike.  Please listen to what Adam says at the end of the interview about members of the BMA, who spoke of a Corbyn agenda.

Boris Johnson’s article in the Daily Telegraph is here.

The Sun published a video of a man challenging a demo of junior doctors.  He yells at them Don’t let the unions fool you!

4 responses to “Adam Boulton interview proves Boris Johnson is right about the junior doctors strike

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  2. Adam Boulton didn’t interrupt at all! Questions so reasonable, doctors must expect scrutiny.

    The unprofessional one was Dr. Gaveghan who shouted and bullied her way through the interview. Really overemotional.

    She was on TV today crying, whimpering People say we are bad, that we are greedy, boo hoo hoo. Incredibly OTT doesnt have the calm temperament necessary to be a doctor.

    Have you ever watched the Marr interviews, he continually harasses, interrupts, arranges traps, also lies. So does Tim Donovan.

  3. Absolutely disgusting unprofessional “performance” by Boulton who used every trick in the journalist’s interviewing repertoire to prevent these representatives of the junior doctors getting their views and points across: constant interruptions, change in question without waiting for a full response to be completed, argumentative without challenge etc etc oh my, he excelled in preventative strategy. But why?
    Because he is right wing fascist fuck.

  4. It’s quite clear from Adam’s interview that some members of BMA have a Corbynite agenda. This will only hamper finding a fair solution

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