Boris Johnson launches a withering attack on Sadiq Khan

Boris Johnson launches a withering attack on Sadiq Khan,  and it’s clear his opinion of the Labour candidate isn’t very high. He skewers  Khan for failing to condemn the latest round of strikes, saying he is “entirely motivated by the self-interest of union barons who don’t give a stuff about Londoners or indeed their own membership”.borislaughing4

In a post on his official Facebook page, Boris continues: “There’s massive support amongst Londoners for the night tube, a 24 hour service for a modern, aspirant, growing population. Mr Khan and his union backers clearly don’t want it. They are stuck in the past.”

“Mr Khan is all over the place. He spends most days pretending to run away from the ASLEF funded Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party, whilst simultaneously paying homage to his union backer,”.

“He needs to condemn this pointless strike now. And if he won’t, he needs to explain why he supports a strike called without the backing of union members, a strike called even after TfL guaranteed the preservation of existing work life balance arrangements for staff.”

Boris says investment in London transport would be “put in peril” if Sadiq Khan becomes Mayor, adding:

“He is a “tool” of ASLEF. He emanates from the bowels of the unions.” Oh dear, haha!

One response to “Boris Johnson launches a withering attack on Sadiq Khan

  1. About time someone did. Sadiq should come right out and condemn strikes.

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