Sadiq Khan claim to be “business friendly” blown sky high over strikes

Sadiq Khan’s attempt to be the best business candidate ever imploded today.  As three more tube strikes were announced, Sadiq was conspicuously absent from all the defenders of the working poor who condemned the strikes. Most vehement was Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who blasted the selfishness of the strikers and backed Tube chiefs to take on Aslef.  Sadiq KhanunionsUnfortunately for Sadiq, information has surfaced that in 2014, when addressing the unions, he urged direct action. To make matters worse, Khan pushed the unions to put the screws on by emulating the late Bob Crow, some pro business attitude you have there, Sadiq.What must really sting anyone fool enough to believe Khan,  is the fact that by endorsing Bob Crow’s bullying, ultra greedy strategy, he is abandoning the working poor, who are dreadfully hurt by these strikes.  Still, he’s in company.  Jezza Corbyn won’t condemn the strikers either.

Zac Goldsmith clobbered Khan saying: ““It’s now clearer than ever that we need a mayor independent of the trade unions to deliver the Night Tube. Londoners and businesses overwhelmingly want it to happen and a very fair offer has been made, yet still the unions are more interested in using the issue to score political points for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour.” He added: “We can expect four years of these games and gridlock if Sadiq Khan and his union paymasters get their way.”

After the embarrassment of his “Bob Crow” remarks, Sadiq Khan must be red faced, can we believe a word this man says?  No we Khan’t!

6 responses to “Sadiq Khan claim to be “business friendly” blown sky high over strikes

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  5. Since Sadiq is in the pay of the unions, he does realise that in the unlikely event that he ever becomes Mayor, it would be totally unethical for him to interfere in strike negotiations.

    A unionist as Mayor? I don’t think so.

  6. He’s a rabid unionist, probably backs Ken over radical Islam. Rod Liddle called Sadiq a radical MP.

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