Red Ken backs radical Islam. Does his pal Sadiq Khan?

When he was Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone alienated many allies by inviting homophobic, Holocaust denying misogynist Sheikh Al Qaradawi to City Hall.  The Sheikh, who believes rape is OK!, female genital mutilation is acceptable, and giving any woman a smack in the mouth is necessary to put her in her place, has been endorsed by Ken as “progressive”.  The Sheikh has been known to use  slogans, such as “Destroy the usurper Jews!”sadiqkenKen spent £6,000 of public funds defending Al Qaradawi and insisting that all  criticisms of him had been cooked up by a member of the Israelu Secret Service. He later spent a further £31,000 of public funds preparing a report on Islamaphobia in the media. This was dismissed by the media as simplistic propaganda.

Peter Tatchell was one Ken former ally who strongly objected to Al Qaradawi being invited to City Hall. He became a target of  Ken’s entrenched attitude, that either you support his actions, or you are Islamaphobic. Because of his criticisms, he has said he was hounded by Ken and his aides for a year.

Zac Goldsmith was accused recently of racism by Sadiq Khan because he described Khan as a “radical MP”.  However, Khan has frequently been called a radical many times before, as long ago as 2011,  by Rod Liddle in the Spectator.

Liddle said: “It has been revealed that the Labour MP Sadiq Khan has been bugged by the Old Bill too, during conversations he had with someone who is allegedly a member of Britain’s vibrant bombing community, a man called Babar Ahmed. Babar is currently fighting extradition to the United States, where he is wanted on charges relating to terrorism. It is argued that he is a fervent jihadi in cyberspace, at least. Mr Khan MP is apparently outraged at having been thus bugged; he seems to have taken it personally.”

Sadiq Khan also nominated Corbyn to be leader of the Labour party,  and Corbyn is known to be sympathetic to Hamas and an apologist for 9/11 and terrorists in general.

Sadiq was Ken’s protege when he was blatantly favoured by the union UNITE to become the Labour candidate for Mayor.

It is bound to be a matter of huge concern to Londoners therefore that Sadiq Khan, who is the Labour candidate to replace Boris Johnson,  is so close to two such controversial characters as Corbyn and Red Ken, whose views on terrorism give such cause for concern.

2 responses to “Red Ken backs radical Islam. Does his pal Sadiq Khan?

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  2. Ken is a brazen Islamist, look at Qaradawi, MIGOD

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