Black cabs are now just as up to date with modern tech as Uber

Many black cab drivers have been into modern technology before Uber was just a twinkle in the eye of Travis Kalanick.  What was needed was an app. that was exclusively for black cabs.cabappThat failing has now been remedied, because the black cab industry as a whole has adopted their very own app., the cab app! @cabapp.

It will also be mandatory for all black cabs to have the credit card payment facility, many cabs already have this.   Transport for London wants to launch a consultation on making acceptance of cards mandatory from 2016.

Special rates for a mobile payment terminal and a mobile card payment services agreement is available to licenced London black cab drivers only and they must fill out the authorised form. This is from Cab Card services.

Nothing has ever stopped black cab drivers in their pursuit of excellence, their pride in their trade and their overwhelming desire to be the best. The safety of passengers is guaranteed in any black cab.

So black cabs will now have tech equal  to Uber.   All that is now needed is for Uber drivers to become skilled and well trained  drivers, stop breaking vital safety regulations, and do the Knowledge. Only then will they begin to equal black cabs.

2 responses to “Black cabs are now just as up to date with modern tech as Uber

    • It’s hard to say. these ideas sound OK in theory, but look at Kindle. People are turning back to reading ordinary books again, not taking to Kindle.

      And it’s all being introduced so fast and will create massive unemployment, so how will that be dealt with?

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