Gobby Katie Hopkins stumbles on some truth about Muslims at last

Katie Hopkins, renowned for her nuclear attacks on the Muslim people, was actually stunned into silence as for once the truth reared up and smacked her in the kisser.katiehopkins4The raw honesty of the Muslim father, Ali, whom she was talking to on LBC cut like a laser through the usual BS.  Ali is afraid to send his kids to mosque, because radicalisation can exist in mosques.  Ali doesn’t want his kids to turn into terrorists.  Even more shockingly, Ali said he felt more comfortable talking to Katie than he did discussing his fears all with other Muslims.  This admission stunned Katie into silence.

This conversation comes as no surprise to me, because I have many Muslim friends, and some of them traditional people.  They love the UK and want nothing more than to live here in peace.  But quite honestly many of them are torn inside.

It is true that most decent Muslims loathe Isil and regard them as nutters.  They hate terrorism in all its forms.  I still believe in the main, most British Muslims love this country, and want terrorism to end.   that But equally, many British Muslims were shattered by the Iraq War.  The memory of the millions of women and children, who died has irrevocably scarred them.  Therefore they are terribly torn.  The memory of this anguish for many people will never end.

They agree Isil should be stamped out.   But in Syria,  the possibility of more civilian casualities fills them with horror.  So an awful fear grips them, that more children, by mixing with extremists, because of more casualties,  will be dragged into evil.

A comment from Noureen on the LBC page summed things up.

“This is a very wide spread concern which unfortunately has been unheard for many as the voices of many moderate Muslims has been stifled by the rise of loud Islamists who are often supported by the left. As a Muslim I’ve witnessed exactly what Ali is referring to and also wouldn’t speak up in Muslim circles for the same reason.”

We need to listen to these moderates, not the hard liners, for the way forward.

I would love to believe that this was a genuine revelation for Katie, because it sounded sincere.   Go carefully Katie, this is a minefield, but at least, hopefully,  you have clocked on that not all Muslims are bad, quite the opposite.  That way, I’m praying you will stop telling it like it isn’t.

2 responses to “Gobby Katie Hopkins stumbles on some truth about Muslims at last

  1. Maybe you & others have missed a vital point in the Argument, NO ONE should be against Muslims but “VIOLENT” Muslims is & always been our Priority , the big problem we have is the amount of Muslims who DO support the VIOLENCE carried out by Muslim extremists !

    • Colin nobody is denying there are dreadful extremist Muslims, some in UK, Isil the worst! But until now, Katie has said ALL Muslims are like that, simply not true. I have many Muslim friends, kind, good people.

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