Uber SOS! Lobbyists hit twitter to cover Kalanick’s back

My direct attack on Travis Kalanick in the blog  Uber exploitation and slave labour are the future says CityAM produced this comment from C. Hones.

Lobbyists being wheeled iin to cover Kalanick's back

Lobbyists being wheeled in to cover Kalanick’s back

You want a war? Well you are going to get one. Bring on the New Year!

Clearly a warning! and what d’ya know, today an Uber lobbyist popped up on twitter, @NeilRetail busily telling Tory Ed Vaizey and MP Matt Hancock that all our concerns are lies, including assaults on women and regs. being about customer safety.

He sneered at regs, and wanted to know the point of the five minute wait – that’s the one they always go for.  Was happy to give him the answer here!  There  are solid reasons for the five minute waiting period, click on this sentence.

So great news!  Uber are hitting the panic button and they are wheeling in Uberlouts like @NeilRetail to minimise rapes, mentally ill drivers who recently saw demons and to deny that paying Uber drivers £1.47 below minimum wage and then taking 25% is slave wages.

I’m sure @NeilRetail, who showed utter disdain for Uber drivers and customer safety,  is the first of many.  They don’t stand a chance, we have the truth on our side.  What a way to make a living!  Lying for Uber! They must be proud, eh?

Update:  Uber has an army of 161 lobbyists and they are crushing regulators, says The Verge.  In the US, they are targeting politicians and that is the way they leapfrog regulators.  They also threaten smear campaigns!  Nice guys!


9 responses to “Uber SOS! Lobbyists hit twitter to cover Kalanick’s back

  1. What a totally disgusting vile company backed by disgusting people. All for the sake of a few quid 💷💷Putting Londoners at risk on a daily basis. TFL need to grow a pair of B@!?’ocks and sort this vermin out

    • Totally agree. Nobody denies the Uber app. is a good idea, but their business practice is the pits, they treat peoplelike slaves and exploit them to the hilt. They are blood suckers who only care about money, and show no sense of responsibility to their customers re. safety or to their drivers.

      Their lobbyists lie and are not well informed, stupid people, with no morals.

  2. Angela, don’t waste your time with steve. He is being so purposefully disingenuous that it doesn’t warrant an answer. He knows an Uber driver would have nowhere near a customer for an entire 60 minutes of every hour. He knows an Uber driver has insurance (sometimes), fuel, tax, depreciation, tickets and (sometimes) licensing costs. Just like he knows that a free market with guns wouldn’t be a good thing, or a free market with unlicensed substances. And I strongly suspect, if he has a daughter, he wouldn’t tell her to look for an unlicensed tout on NYE. And if he doesn’t know all of that, then there’s no way his brain will be able to comprehend any more information. It’s more than likely that one day a black cab driver didn’t want to take him because he couldn’t walk in a straight line and he’s now devoting his life to tarnish the most respected taxi service in the world. He’s got his work cut out there. Best leave him and his jealousy alone

  3. https://cyberboris.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/exploitation-and-slave-labour-are-the-future-says-cityam/

    Uber being sued by 10 drivers for paying less than minimum wage. But I’m sure you’ll have some argument that the Times is wrong.

    • Wow, ten disgruntled drivers! Out of how many?

      • Yes, out of the many court cases against Uber, world wide, that is just one. I am beginning to find your comments offensive Steve. If you continue to get personal, you will be blocked.

        You are obviously annoyed, that unlike you, my comments are backed by evidence. You never have anything constructive to say, and your silly jibes are becomiing a bore.

        One more personal remark and you will be blocked.

  4. Part of this comments is deleted by Editor, offensive.

    One issue that puzzles me is the minimum-wage one. Apart from the fact that minimum-wage laws generally do not apply to self-employed freelancers like Uber drivers, I find it strange that you repeatedly claim that they ‘earn’ less than the minimum wage. I looked up a one-hour journey on Uber’s fare estimator: from 1 High Street, Penge to 1 High Street, Enfield (58 minutes according to Google). The fare estimate was £39 to £53 on uberX. After Uber’s commission and the VAT on that commission, the driver would be left with at least £29. Remind me what the minimum wage is?

    • You are defending a company who trick their drivers, so they have to work such long hours they fall asleep at wheel, sleep in cars, pee & poop in private gardens, and you find this morally acceptable. You should be ashamed.

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