The business approach of Lord Sugar and Boris Johnson is the antithesis of Uber

In spite of their public spats over traffic gridlock, (Lord Sugar, never one to suffer in silence, said Boris deserves a whack for the snarlups)  he and Boris Johnson have the same positive attitude to entrepreneurs and employees.sugarHe may be gruff, but Lord Sugar is a philanthropist, someone who believes that when talented people are prepared to give their all, they deserve a legup.  Loathing as he does, anyone who sucks up or puts on a false front, (I don’t want to see your face again!) in his programme The Apprentice,  Lord Sugar acts as adviser and mentor for every winner who proves themselves.

Like Boris, Lord Sugar doesn’t mince words.  He is famous for his no nonsense communication skills.  The highlight of the The Apprentice was his explanation of how to  get rid of people who waste a salesman’s time  (Sod off!  You don’t have any money.)borisfunny6Boris has shown the same encouragment to entrepreneurs and to kids in school.  This is the  man who toured every junior school telling kids  Work hard, grab your opportunities.  His love of the Classics has inspired others to study the subject and he is known for his patient explanations – many politicians don’t bother.

It is the Mayor who lobbied for equal opportunities for all in education, and a Labour Minister, Ed Balls, who said No.  (There are some subjects poor people don’t need to learn? disgraceful attitude!) Boris was so upset, he nearly headbutted Balls.

Boris has continually encouraged small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop startups and technologies that will support London’s regeneration projects.  His reputation with the City is so good, he has raised over £400 million from sponsors for good causes.  (Ken Livingstone, unable to handle funding responsibly raised zip.)  Boris has also through his trade missions and reputation as a man to be trusted, raised billions in foreign investment.

Lord Sugar and Boris share a love of modern technology.  What’s the betting they both love the Uber app., but here is where they part company with Uber boss, Travis Kalanick.  Where Boris and Lord Sugar encourage and support hard work, Kalanick exploits it. Where Boris and Lord Sugar have respect for the customer, and in the taxi trade, this means customer safety, Kalanick has nothing but disdain. World wide, regulations are made to be broken.

Even if your workers are contractors not employees, any boss has a responsibility to maintain fairness.  Fairness is not tricking your drivers into signing up to financial commitments with false promises and then reducing their jobs to the minimum, paying them £1.47 below the minimum wage and then taking 20%.

Nothing could show more clearly the responsible modern business attitude, with respect for workers and the Kalanick way.  Uber is Kalanick’s Evil Empire. Paid hacks present his company as the future, but he believes in the bad old way of brutally exploiting workers and treating them like disposable rubbish. Thank God history shows that in the end,  Evil Empires are always brought crashing down.

Oi CityAM!  Remember the French Revolution!  Ring any bells?

One response to “The business approach of Lord Sugar and Boris Johnson is the antithesis of Uber

  1. Modern business methods are to encourage hard workers with bonuses, etc. develop talent. Cannot believe CityAM is so out of touch.

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