Uber exploitation and use of slave labour are the future says CityAM

The latest issue of CityAM gives us a glimpse of the future that is a sickening step back to the Dark Ages. Travis Kalanick, top Uber honcho, is brutally exploiting Uber drivers worldwide and CityAM says they are all for it.Key Speakers At The Institute of Directors Annual ConventionDrivers are tricked by Uber when they join, that they will be paid £1,000s a month and are put on the VIP service. This is true for the first few months, until they are financially committed.  Then everything changes, and they hardly get any work.  Smart right?

The union GMB had this to say:

A GMB member who works exclusively for Uber as a cab driver in London was paid £5.03 net per hour for 234 hours driving during August calendar month. This is £1.47 per hour below the national minimum wage of £6.50 per hour. For each hour he worked the fees he paid to Uber were £2.65 per hour which equated to 53% of his net pay per hour.

“If Uber wishes to operate in this way, and to reap the substantial benefits, then it must acknowledge its responsibilities towards those drivers as workers.”

As reported in The Times, ten drivers are suing Uber.

Apart  from pay issues, the Times said: The drivers are also claiming that they are not included in the complaints or grievance process and that they often have pay deducted without warning.”

Since he became Mayor, Boris Johnson has campaigned for the London Living Wage, now £9.15, forcibly arguing for a better deal for workers.  Last year the number of companies paying the LLW doubled.  Uber boss Travis Kalanick is ruthlessly trying to push any improvements gained by Boris back into reverse gear.

Billy Bambrough of CityAM insists that British industry is backing Uber’s naked exploitation and slave labour.  He also thinks dumping safety regs is great!   It’s much cheaper, and if women get attacked or terrorist nutters are driving Uber cabs, that’s the risk they run, and hey, put Uber PR onto it!

According to Billy, business groups back dumping medical checks, allowing an Uber driver with severe mental problems (he saw demons) to be hired after psychotic episodes.  These business groups, include the CBI, the Institute of Directors and London First.

According to Billy and CityAM, decency, being responsible and allowing workers’ rights is sentimental guff, about to go up in flames in the name of profit!   You are resisting the forces of change!  Travis Kalanick is planning domination world wide, and standards are for sissies.

The app. and modern technology are the future.  Nobody denies that.  But ill treating and exploiting drivers, contracted or not, and disregarding public safety, is a huge step backwards not progress.  CityAM and Uber should be ashamed.

Update:  George Osborne and David Cameron attended a party held at Sexy Fish by Rachel Whetstone of Uber and husband Steve Hilton.  Hopefully there was a chance for the PM and Chancellor to remonstrate with Rachel about the appalling treatment of Uber drivers, including the paltry wages doled out by Uber.  Daylight robbery and slave labour have no place in the modern workplace.

9 responses to “Uber exploitation and use of slave labour are the future says CityAM

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  4. You want a war? Well you are going to get one. Bring on the New Year!

    • Huh? and you are talking about……..??

    • Christopher, what do you think of an employer who pays his drivers £1.45 BELOW the minimum wage? Surely such horrible unfairness should concern us all?

      This is not progress, it is naked exploitation and I intend to keep saying that Because I highlight something that is intrinsically unfair, doesn’t mean I “want a war!” It means I want the thing to change.

    • I assume C. Hones is an Uber supporter or employee. The implied threat in the comment is typical Uber. Disagree with them and you have “a war on your hands!”

      No decent person can accept the pitifully low wages paid by Uber to clearly desperate people who cannot get work. Object to this and they “wage war” on you.

  5. Good to see that ‘Which?’ is supporting light-touch regulation.

    • Good for whom? So drivers with severe mental problems can attack innocent victims with knives? So rape can go up? So assaults and thefts can rise? So there are more accidents because Uber drivers are badly trained? So people can get lost all over London because even with satnav, Uer drivers don’t know where places are? Good for whom?

      I don’t think Uber should assume they will continue to avoid regulation.

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