Naked exploitation! Travis Kalanick is using his drivers as Uberslaves

Hooray!  At last some action!  Ten Uber drivers are taking the company to an employment tribunal, because of the absolutely appalling way Uber treats their drivers.  Think Pharoahs and Israelites.  The positively feudal treatment dished out to Uber drivers is a scandal but Uber lobbyists just cover up with glib excuses.

Brutal exploitative Travis Kalanick

Callous exploitative Travis Kalanick

The Times reported: “The ten drivers are claiming that they do not get paid the minimum wage, that they are not entitled to paid holiday and that health and safety precautions, such as maximum hours and rest breaks, are not provided.

One of the litigants was paid £5.03 an hour for 234 hours driving in August last year, £1.47 below the £6.50 an hour that was the minimum wage at the time.

The drivers are also claiming that they are not included in the complaints or grievance process and that they often have pay deducted without warning.”

I was appalled to be told by sympathetic black cab drivers that Uber drivers are sold a pup, they are promised huge salaries, which for the first couple of months, materialise. They are placed on the VIP service, and start coining it in, but it’s a con.   After two or three months, once they are financially committed, it is all over.  They find themselves struggling to make ends meet, get hardly any jobs, and end up  living in their cabs,  often falling asleep at the wheel from exhaustion.  Many are  using private gardens as bathrooms.

Uber’s defence is that the drivers are contracted.

On, Uber drivers complain loud and long. Black cab drivers deplore the treatment doled out to Uber drivers, and sympathise that Uber “tricks” their drivers and then exploits them.

From Steve @londonblackcab3 to:
@angelneptustar congratulations – few sorry for the driver sold a lie working minimum wage to cover sub prime loan.

Such disgusting treatment is feudal! Uber drivers are living in sub-human conditions, while Travis Kalanick is coining it in like Croesus. This horrible, exploitative man is treating his drivers with contempt and disdain, absolving himself of all responsibility. Slaves got better treatment from Emperor Nero.

A unionist said:  ““If Uber wishes to operate in this way, and to reap the substantial benefits, then it must acknowledge its responsibilities towards those drivers as workers.”

Any company which is based on such vile treatment of its workers should be universally condemned.  In this case the unions are 100% right.  This is so wrong!  This is a company based on treatment of workers that is heartless.  What is George Osborne thinking, that he not only condones such inhumane behaviour, but actively encourages it?

3 responses to “Naked exploitation! Travis Kalanick is using his drivers as Uberslaves

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  3. This is totally immoral. The app. may be the future, but the way Kalanick handles industrial relations is going back to the Dark Ages

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