Highway to Hell! Will Osbo continue to refuse to let Boris cap PHVs? (webcam)

At Mayor’s Question Time yesterday, Boris Johnson explained in detail all the reasons that are contributing to gridlock.  The influx of PHVs,  which Boris is still battling to get legislation for, so they can be capped, is a major factor  Come on Osbo, have a heart! But there are other reasons too.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 10: The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, listens to the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, as he gives his speech at the annual 'Lord Mayors Dinner to the Bankers and Merchants of the City of London' at the Mansion House on June 10, 2015 in London, England. During his keynote speech the Chancellor announced proposals for future governments to be compelled by law to run a budget surplus, a move that many commentators are describing as a return to Victorian values. (Photo by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

Doctor Evil

The link to the webcam of the meeting is here and discussion of gridlock starts about an hour into the meeting.

Other reasons are the huge increase in internet shopping means there are tons more delivery vans on the road.  The cost of cheap petrol is also a factor.

There are also, as Richard Tracey said, problems with the buses.  These are discussed on the webcam.

Boris said honestly he believes the cycling superhighways are only a minor factor.  Every single London Assembly member, even the most stroppy left wingers, agree with Boris that the CSHs are vital for this city. They will when properly established, hugely decrease pollution and also help obesity.  The overall plan is to get more drivers of private cars onto bikes. There is united support from Assembly members for the mini-Hollands.

Boris has further meetings scheduled to get legislation from George to cap PHVs.  If  the Chancellor still refuses to agree, Osbo will have to face the accusation that he is deliberately harming the London economy to promote a US company that treats its employees like disposable rubbish.

George Osborne is deliberately making sure if he goes on like this, that London roads will be a Highway to Hell.  If George continues like this, he will soon be the cab trade’s very own Doctor Evil.

PS.  Osbo is now in charge of Uber.  The reasons why are explained here.

12 responses to “Highway to Hell! Will Osbo continue to refuse to let Boris cap PHVs? (webcam)

  1. More car-pooling would help as well: perhaps someone could write an app for that. Also, perhaps reduce the number of black cabs to compensate for the increase in minicab usage: presumably a lot of them are cruising around just looking for potential rides having lost so much business to the minicab industry.

    • Despite Uber spending $1 billion on marketing, and a further $1 million on lobbying, black cabs still shift the lions share around. That can only be down to the quality of service, not having the luxury of a PR platform.

      I know you’re crying out for the demise of black cabs. In the unlikely event that will ever happen, you can be certain that very few cabbies would join the private hire brigade. It’s an industry set aside for the ‘something for nothing set’, which is an anathema to those who appreciate endeavour over privilege.

      Yep! Ninety thousand and growing all want hand outs!

      • You know I am “crying out for the demise of black cabs”! Is this a typo? Ohhhh! You are talking to Doerr, nodding dog for Uber.

  2. Your tweets now just bravado Steve. The abysmal standards of Uber mean their car pooling scheme cannot for a second be trusted.

    Black Cabs still a beacon of efficiency, professionalism, safety and pure good heartedness in London.

  3. Steve Doerr thinks that touting is perfectly okay. That’s all you need to know about Steve’s views to realise he’s a complete idiot.

  4. > Paid to spout Uberrubbish.

    Eh? Where’d you get that idea from?

  5. Regulate Uber and see how hey compare. That’s fair competition.

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