Uber hits the panic button, their top lobbyist is already leaving

How are the mighty fallen!  No longer is the word of sleazy Uber lobbyists spouting Uberlies that Boris Johnson is protectionist and regs. are a ploy to restrict Uber,  the company of the future, taken as gospel.  This loopy spiel is now seen for what it is.  Bullshit.

Dodgy Mark MacGann is already on his way out

Dodgy Mark MacGann is already on his way out

The damage to our city from Uber drivers, pollution, congestion, the accidents caused by terrible driving and the assaults on female passengers, are now seen as “genuine and valid concerns” says Steve McNamara of the LTDA in TAXI magazine. What the deuce is George Osborne, the UK’s number one Uber fanboy, thinking?

The truth is breaking through the well oiled propaganda of Uber- unfortunately Uber drivers are nothing like as slick as as their PR and lobbyist people, who coat the media world like a layer of rancid  sleazy grease.  Grease is right!  Greasing palms is an Uber speciality, and why should CityAM give a damn if another Uber driver is going to the slammer for rape, when the paper’s financial woes can be soothed by a fat envelope from Kickback City.

The majority of taxi users would approve of most of Boris Johnson’s tougher regs. That is why, says Steve, Uber are keeping the majority of the proposals hidden from the customers.  Only two have been singled out for disapproval, and Uber is urging everyone to object to the five minute delay and Ubercabs only being allowed to work for one operator.  If these two win the thumbs down from the public, Uber clearly intend to pretend they disapprove of all the regs.

Steve continues:  “Part two of its response to what amounts to a political awakening of the problems Uber are causing Londoners, has been to threaten and cajole the doubting MPs by warning them that their voters won’t like it if they support the proposed changes. At the same time they have massively increased their spending to add to their £250,000 monthly lobbying and PR budget, in a desperate bid to turn the tide back in its favour.Even after all of this, it is not winning the PR victories it hoped for”.

Nothing is more powerful than the truth and Londoners are finding out for themselves the difference between Uber PR and the dire standards and lack of safety of Uber drivers.

And guess what? Uber’s top lobbyist,Mark MacGann, hired in September, is already leaving!   By end January 2016, he is gone baby!  There are only so many lies one man can tell.   I guess the strain of speaking with a forked tongue proved too much for the Uber faker.

Black cab drivers have high standards and higher values.  That will never go out of fashion.

14 responses to “Uber hits the panic button, their top lobbyist is already leaving

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  2. Very well said. I was bought up to realise that the black cab represented safety especially to women and children. They have earned my respect over decades and l would never travel in any other firm of public transport at night. Black cabbies have a rigorous standard and nothing matters more than getting their passengers to their destination safely. You could put your children in a black cab and trust them
    To get them home safely if you could not. Thry regularly take parents abd children or expectant Mother’s to hospital without a charge and yoy can be sure that if you leave an item no matter how valuable… they will make every effort to reunite it with their owner. They do wonderful work for charity which is rarely publicised. The black cab represents to me thst they are Knights of the Road ..The third emergency service and as iconic as you can get. Having said this they are fighting to see a trade passed down from a father to Son with pride with a strict knowledge of London being a
    pre-requisite falling into disrepute.. no wonder their trade is everything yj them. As for me l have no family only a brother in law in the trade and my.only motivation is that tge Bkack Cab has served me and my Family with complete respect and service over decades and God forbid for the
    Black Cab to disappear from our streets wherever in England . That would be like the ravens desert g the Tower and we all know the consequences of that. London without Bkack Cabs in their well earned place of honour . unthinkable …just ask a Veteran who Black Cabs honour every year and form a queue to get these brave Soldiers to their regimental headquarters without charge believing honour and respect is more important than money

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply in such detail. It would be a tragedy if we lost black cabs, and Uber are trying to take over.

      Uber has the support of George Osborne and the PM. If you care about black cabs, can you somehow tell them of your support, because there is no safety with Uber. Many of their drivers are dreadful, do not know London, and are unlicensed. There are accidents and assaults. Once black cabs are driven out, Uber will undoubtedly increase their fares to unparalleled heights. ~If you could tweet or write to Gov., it would be so appreciated, Boris is fighting to save black cabs, but George Osborne has taken charge of Uber.

  3. I seriously thought about joining Uber over the last few months but decided against it for various reasons
    I may be completely wrong here but I believe Uber will be gone within 3 or 4 years.
    Experienced drivers will see through them, passengers will abandon them when they get sick of surge pricing and post code drivers. Authorities and taxi drivers are beginning to get naffed off with them especially abroad where there is little or no PH industry
    This $50 billion dollar company has very little in the way of assets compared to its net worth and a lot of its value is based on its forecast revenues. In my opinion they’re another dot com bubble waiting to burst. Trouble is if this does happen a few people will have made millions and a load will have had their fingers burnt

  4. The best taxi service in the world will shine their light for the best city in the world . Stay safe and all ways use a London black taxi.

    • Best city,arguably.
      Cabbies must ‘Polish up’ ,make it compulsory to accept plastic etc.and kick the parasitic Uber invaders into touch.
      As a (ex) small business owner, I reckon you need to ask customers continuously what THEY think. Act on feedback.
      Could try a “re-brand,” maybe a large Union Jack on every cab for starters!
      Great PR opportunity.
      Have total unity and uniformity.Stick together,work as one.
      Like all small businesses,..Don’t rely on dodgy Dave (and his cronies ) for support,you will never get a level playing field,they only ever support big business, maybe you need cuddly Ken back! lol.
      Best of luck with the fight-back ,and a very Merry Xmas to all our cabbies.

  5. A friend went to 10 Dowing st yesterday and Gideon at the last minute turned up! Walked over to her and her severely disabled daughter and said ‘welcome to my home’ her reply, ‘nice to see you’ve have a home, I’ve been homeless for 5 1/2 years..’ Not one glance at the poor child turned he’s nose up at the mother and his assistant… Well if looks could kill! He couldn’t give a sh!t for the people of this country and those that pay his wage! This self serving parasite should be hung out to dry like the rest of the cretins that reside in parliament!

  6. This would not happen in any other regulated profession, imagine being represented in court by someone who referred to a laptop every thirty seconds ( because the information is undoubtedly there) The Law Society would react swiftly to stop this happening, but the client would say “Yeah but it’s a third cheaper” none the less it wouldn’t be allowed to happen. The guy who gets a toolkit for Christmas, have him round to fix your boiler, he’d be cheaper than the qualified guy from British Gas right?
    Because in so many countries throughout the world taxi driving is seen as a first stop for immigrants, the Chancellor has seen that this is the case in London and elsewhere in the UK, but in London it is different nowhere else is there a more qualified taxi driver than those in London. On average it take forty months to complete famous Knowledge Of London, “Yeah only for thick working class types” scoffs the educated behind their comprehension- missed all the lectures and still got a 2:2.
    Just try to remember streets in London with a Royal monicker, Queen this, Prince that, there are literally 100’s just with the Royal connection, ( bet you can’t recall 10 out of 20) then remember every alleyway, statue, blue plaque, places of worship, crematoria, pubs, restaurants, bars and obscure items such as noses on walls and cloak hangers for bygone policemen, then add every conceivable route between any of the above, naming all the streets in sequence then you might have some understanding on what it takes to become a London cabby.
    Shame on this government, and the Mayor’s office as well as TFL who have sold out this much vaunted, world famous trade down the river for the sake of a Yankee dollar.
    Hang your heads in shame.

  7. Perhaps it’s time for Lyft to set up in London.

  8. Ban uber

    • It’s a shame because a cheaper option for people who can’t afford black cabs would be good. But Uber are sharks, treat their drivers like dirt. Any company that has no sense of responsibility to its staff will eventually fail, Uber attitude to their people is like the work house. Totally inhumane.

  9. Absoloutely spot on, $40 billion company pay no tax and our Chancellor loves them? WTF!

    • Our black cab service is so professional and trusted, the envy of the world. Why is George Osborne flooding London with 4th rate PHVs? OK, good to have a cheaper option, but nothing lower than the appalling driving and irresponsibility of Uber drivers, and they are treating appallingly by Uber bosses.

      The fact that Uber has no sense of responsibility towards their drivers, and treats them worse than dogs says everything about this company.

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