Too lazy to do the research, 7 Tory Boy councillors could wreck the black cab trade

Seven Tory Boy councillors have come up with the appalling idea of dumbing down the black cab trade, while leaving Uber alone.  This is an idea that is an insult to the public, because not only will it deprive Londoners of the best drivers in London, who provide much needed knowledge of the city, it insults the public by totalling ignoring public safety.toryboys

Tory Boy Councillors

Tory Boy Councillors

In a great article,  Taxileak said “These seven Tory Boy Councillors think London’s Gold Standard, Iconic Taxi Trade should be reduced to licensing drivers with dubious pasts, drive vehicles not suitable for disabled passengers, have no expensive hire and reward insurgence, do away with the Knowledge of London and pay themselves through foreign banks, so they don’t have to pay tax and can claim benefits”.  More importantly, these councillors are blind to the importance of regs. for customer safety.

For Tory Boys, read Osbo’s pet poodles! 

Why aim for excellence in anything? Why have higher education? Why do PhDs! Why not just dumb everything down to the disgraceful third rate standard that with Uber passes for adequate?

The idea that Uber should be “left alone” is an insult to the public!  What about public safety?  Have these men already forgotten the Leytonstone Uber Slasher, in charge of a cab with serious mental problems?  Why was he allowed to drive a minicab?  No regs!  (Black cab drivers have to have medical checks on mental health).  The mounting number of rapes and attacks on women by Uber drivers?  No proper checks, no regs!  The appalling standard of Uber driving, so bad that one driver tried to drive away while clamped,  to the mirth of black cab drivers?  The constant illegal parking? No regs!

What about the terrible treatment of Uber drivers, earning lower than the minimum wage, treated as “contractors”?  With no complaints system, unless they go to Holland?  Uber drivers who get so little work they are forced to tout for trade for hours, and are falling asleep at the wheel?  Uber drivers who live in their cabs, and use private gardens as public loos?  Uber drivers who hardly speak English, who continually get lost, because they have not been properly checked?   This is the standard that should  be “left alone?”

For seven Tory Boy councillors to impose these dire standards on Londoners, shows their contempt for the public.  Regulation has made the black cab trade the best in the world for centuries. Do these men not see it is Uber’s plan to drive out black cabs, who smash them out of the park regarding ability,  replace them with a dire third rate service, which ignores public safety,  and then whack up fares to astronomical heights?

Let these Tory Boys do some research for crying out loud! The situation of the cab trade is a very complicated issue requiring serious and in depth research. If these six councillors do not take the trouble to do that research, they will be making such a terrible mistake, it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. If you don’t know the true situation, don’t make knee jerk decisions, shut it until you know what you are talking about.

3 responses to “Too lazy to do the research, 7 Tory Boy councillors could wreck the black cab trade

  1. It’s hard to work in a competitive world but that’s what we do.The knowledge gives us an edge,that’s what we studied for.
    Dumb and dummer is for the movies not for the men and women that drive the iconic London taxi.

    • Cannot understand Gov. thinkng. swap best inthe world for such a terrific, experienced, knowledgeable service,totally safe? They are loco!

      As for the people saying dump regs., they are mad!!! When will sanity prevail?

    • Will be fighting for your right to be the best!

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